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What’s Really Going On in Ukraine?

Suicide. That’s what.

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  1. I’m not so sure it’s suicide. It looks like a genocide perpetrated by the US, NATO, and enforced by he host nation Ukraine. The history books will look back at this and be extremely critical!

  2. Zelensky and co. made a sound investment when they threw a paltry few million to the Biden Crime Family and get hundreds of billions in taxpayer funds to use and kick back to the democrats to keep the party going.

  3. All of the Democrats who wave their little Ukraine flags in the halls of Congress know what they’re financing over there, and they want to see it happen here. They, and their Uniparty allies on the right, crave authoritarianism. They want the streamlined efficiency of the CCP, the dictatorial powers of 7elensky and the unelected Presidency of the EU. They want the roundups, the lockdowns, your money in the banks, the keys to your car…all of it. They project it all onto Vladimir Putin while thundering loudly about “Our Democracy” and the “International Rules-Based Order”, both of which are becoming neither democratic nor orderly.

    And our Uniparty cannot claim ignorance of what is happening in Ukraine. Most of them are up to their wallets in it. And most of the would be fine with it happening here if necessary to keep “Our Democracy” and “Order”. They’d be willing to be like Ukraine’s rubber-stamp parliament Verkhova Rada, as long as they got their pay and stayed out of the fray. It’s too late for Ukraine now. There will be no partition into East and West Ukraine. NATO has gone a Kerch btidge too far, and destroyed a country in the process. If the collective West doesn’t know when to quit, they may end up ruining the whole world.

  4. Recruiters taking people off the street for military service.
    Sounds like the less scientific recruiting method of implementing a “lottery Draft” of the sixties and seventies.
    Historically, that “Nation Building”, was a costly loss of our Military Personnel and National Resources,too.
    History recorded numerous successful attempts to change Boundaries of Nations and create new ones over the past Centuries at a costly loss of Millions of Military Personnel and National Finances and Resources.

  5. Democide is meant to define the killing by government as the concept of murder does individual killing in domestic society. Here intentionality (premeditation) is critical. This also includes practical intentionality. If a government causes deaths through a reckless and depraved indifference to human life, the deaths were as though intended.
    — R.J. Rummel, Death By Government, Chapter 2, 1994

  6. The lust for conquest and more power is an inherent flaw in Human Nature that has destroyed Billions of Earth’s population.

    Who needs to Cut the world population and redistribute resources?
    Wars generally perform reducing populations and wealth is distributed to the Stockholders of the military industrial complex and the managing elite.

  7. Thats a great website, Al. Documents every mega shitty thing that any nation, race, tribe, clan ever did any other nation, race tribe etc. … Great resource!!

    I had forgotten that guys name. So thanks

  8. Instead of letting Muslims from Gaza into the US as refugees, why don’t they let some of those beautiful Ukrainian women come? Oh yeah, because they are white Christians.


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