What’s Up With Pence? – IOTW Report

What’s Up With Pence?

Why Is Pence Popping Up Now? The Political Prostitution Game Is Underway!

[Trump for Speaker?]

h/t Bouncing Betty.

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  1. ‘Pence’ … rhymes w/ ‘Dence’

    “sing a song of six Pence, a pocket full of rye
    4 & 20 blackbirds baked in a pie”

    it’s after 2:00 AM in the morning … no way I’m watching a 1-hour video w/ bad music
    get some rest Mary Jane … you deserve it

  2. “What’s Up With Pence?”

    Where does one even begin?

  3. I’m disgusted that the But Hurt Anti-Trumpers cannot figure out what the greater good is.

    …and The public suffers at the Pump, grocery store, Heat & Electricity.

  4. @Kcir – watching in Canuckistan November 12, 2022 at 5:49 am

    And, again, MAF’s ain’t hard, Barbie.

    > The public suffers at the Pump, grocery store, Heat & Electricity


    > But Hurt Anti-Trumpers cannot figure out what the greater good is

    They don’t need to. MAGAts actively oppose it. Dumb people can’t (even) buy a clue. While MAGAts act. So Americans lose.

    Nuthin’ less sumptin’, leaves lesson.
    But we ain’t gonna’ learn it.
    Cause we gots to rall-ee-rEEEeee!


  5. Assuming that the Rotunda of the Capitol and its Dome is still standing when all is done, and that he isn’t justly killed in some prior action, when the War he made inevitable is finally concluded he of all people must be made an example of as the traitorous, muderous coward he truly is. He needs to be hung, live or dead, from the center of the Dome with only his hands restrained so his death struggles as he is slowly raised can be clearly seen on whatever live feeds survive (if HE is still alive at the time), and left dangling until his rotted, flyblown corpse falls apart and the stink of his decay permeates the halls of power, as the Revised Congress is forced to pass through the foeters of his corrupted shell as a warning to all about the ultimate price of tyranny.

  6. It’s almost as if this whole fing midterm election was planned to turn out just the way it did to once and for all get rid of Trump. Everywhere you go the never Trumpers, the anti-Trumpers, the RINO’s, the DC elite’s are claiming that if Trump doesn’t disappear the repuglicans will never win another election. Every time I glance at the news there’s Rick Santorum or some other loser slamming Trump.

  7. Justice^^^^ you said it best. Needs to be applied to a couple hundred.

    Trump was 200+ and minus 9 and he’s a loser?

  8. Pence is the filth in the water from the political douche used on Trump.


  9. Someone has photos of “The Magic Christian” playing hide the sausage with some young playmates..


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