When CBS Reporter Asks Joe Biden About Feud With Bernie, Joe Mocks and Blathers: “Why WHY whY WhY why!?”

Sounds to me like Joe assumed the media only existed to shield him.
(Gee. Why would I think that?) Did you see the veins perk up on his temples?

WATCH: After a campaign event in Mason City, Iowa, @joebiden reacts to @edokeefe‘s question about his ongoing feud with @berniesanders: “Calm down, it’s okay.” https://cbsn.ws/2Gf9oLM

18 Comments on When CBS Reporter Asks Joe Biden About Feud With Bernie, Joe Mocks and Blathers: “Why WHY whY WhY why!?”

  1. Neither Biden nor Sanders will survive until November. My bet is one will drop dead from a massive coronary in public and the other will drop out due to “health reasons” and never be seen in public again.

  2. it’s a long way to November, but either one of them only have to survive to get the nomination in August … (Comrade Bernie is not even a member of the D’rat Party; no way he’s getting it)

    but, if the nominee croaks before election day you’re gonna see the d’rats howl & howl to have the election moved to 2021 … just another Constitutional violation … easy-peasy for a d’rat

  3. The sheer arrogance of this traitor…

    Then again: after all he, obama, clinton, kerry, pelosi, jarrett etc have gotten away with stealing and betraying – why not?

  4. By Summer, Joe will be walking around in his bathrobe with his son and daughter along side just like that mobster Vincent Gigante.

  5. This happens too often to be chance. I think some of the journos have a little contest to see who can get Joe to lay hands on them. Ed O’Keefe wins this round.

  6. Thirdtwin- Ooh I like how you think!
    It could be a side bet amongst them, but I’m guessing they’re also trolling him to get rid of him- maybe for Fauxcahontas? She’s been sending her monkeys over to Bernie and Butticheek’s rallies.

  7. Meanwhile, the saliva is dripping from the old bags, Botox enhanced, sizable chops, as she pours another Chardonnay and lets loose with nail on chalkboard cackle.

  8. To those Firesign Theater listeners-Every time Biden starts talking, he sounds just like the heartfelt, unforgettable, and moving speech given by Principal Poop on Don’t Crush That Dwarf. Actually, the Pooper may have been Biden’s inspiration.

  9. Are we 3 months from this:
    Campaign director calls Joe: “Joe!, where are you? The debate is in an hour!”
    Joe: “I don’t know”
    Campaign director: “What do you see around you any street signs?”
    Joe: “No, just trees, many, many glorious trees.”

    Just sayin’ that Bernie’s heart attack is one thing, but…

  10. …Hey Biden Five, you milked the old man enough, This is not Weekend at Bernie’s! Just let the old man retire!


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