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When it rains, it pours: de Blasio wants to be your salt czar

BarbWire: Oh, boy, New York City’s in the news again today!   Michael Bloomberg’s gone, but his mayoral successor, former Sandinista groupie Bill de Blasio (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.) is all set to follow in his footsteps. Bloomberg was last heard from trying to ban large sodas. De Blasio is ready to make war on salt.

Starting next month, providing a court order doesn’t stop it, the city will require restaurants, etc., to warn diners of any dish that contains more salt than is recommended by doctors.

Why are they doing this? Well, Wilhelm/de Blasio says it’s to “help New Yorkers make better decisions…”


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  1. Hey, he won the election. What did they expect? I have not an iota of sympathy for them.

    Just like the morons in Venezuela who voted for more free shit at the expense of others.

    Just like us who reelected Obama/Jarrett. What do you expect?

  2. I rated this post awful, because that’s how the food is going to taste in new york now that it’s all unsalted. The amount of sauce that’s going to be used is going to double the amount of salt normally consumed, A PLUS JOB, dick Blasio. :/

  3. I’m about ready to dunk a pork belly in a cup of salt, getting ready to smoke it later tonight, after I shake more salt onto it.

    Do salt packets and salt shakers need the high sodium warning as well?

  4. Guess it never occurs to “Kaiser” Wilhelm that there may be a few sentient adults residing in NYC?

    A fukkin maggot mayor for a maggot city. NYC is a microcosm of everything that is wrong in America. The peeps are just too self-absorbed to GAF.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. That long mack daddy is “not worth his salt.” He has never “earned his salt.” This is a ploy to take our attention away from the fact that he is under Federal investigation for corruption.
    I hope the corksoaker goes to jail.

  6. Say his real name pronouncing the Ws like the German’s do – V and it all makes sense.

    No Salt for you!
    Und you vill like it, ja!

  7. He would say:
    Listen Mack, there’s two kinds of people in the world. There’s the kind of guy that goes his own way, doesn’t ask for nothing, and lets others do the same.
    Then there’s you. The kind of guy that will tell you how to cut your meat!

  8. @Moetom:

    You left out that de Blasio is a CAITIFF.

    Nyah, nyah, Bill, I keep a salt shaker at my desk and I will use it as much as I need to in order to get the super salty taste I love. So fuck you very much.

  9. And BTW, the optimal moment to “help New Yorkers make good decisions” would have been Election Day 2013.

    Joe Lhota couldn’t be bothered with this shit. He’d be making sure the subways ran on time and there would be apartments for rent at under $3,000/month.

  10. The literature is now showing that excess salt does nothing. In fact, low salt has more tendency to cause illness. I guess the doctors in New York are as backward as the rest of the cities population.

  11. It sounds like NYs must be the most retarded bunch of motherfuckers on the planet. Maybe they are.

  12. Shaunqueefus. Don’t paint us all with such a broad brush.

    Out of curiosity I picked four random States: CA,TX,MA, and NY. Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.
    Calif….. 136
    Mass…… 263
    Texas….. 76
    New York.. 666.
    There was a time when NY was great. And PG with Trump it may come back. If only we could ship the loafers back down South.

  13. New York is an easy touch. Loafers come from all over for the freebees. Then they vote to keep the freebees. Workers are outnumbered in the cities. WTF can we do?

  14. It was bit of a joke, Moetom.

    If you need the government’s help to make decisions, you obviously suck. And then, they voted this muppet into office.

    It was a joke.

  15. Salt just joined that long list of things that doctors can’t seem to figure out if it’s good or bad for you. I just read last week that researchers are saying now that lack of salt in you diet can cause a heart attack.

  16. “The literature is now showing that excess salt does nothing.”

    How did that literature overlook the countless deaths from trying to survive drinking sea water?

    Drinking sea water will eventually kill you.

    It’s the salt.

    Your source is questionable if it plainly claims excess salt does nothing. Maybe it’s misunderstood or incompletely understood.

    I haven’t read that source yet, but I know that statement is BS as it’s worded.

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