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When Liberals Are Fighting…

Help them keep fighting. lol


Bernie Sanders’s Spat With Liberal Think Tank Mars a Big Week.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is raising money faster than his nearly two dozen rivals in the Democratic presidential primary, he leads all of his rivals in the polls, and he is even confident that doing a Fox News town hall this week will gain him votes among disappointed Trump backers.

In other words, April 15 is the first day of what ought to be a huge week for the 76-year-old Democratic socialist who gave former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a tough race in 2016 and has all the markings today of a potentially unbeatable 2020 contender.

But then there’s this ugly little flap developing between the wild-haired Sanders and the former think tank home of two of his top 2020 campaign strategists, the Center for American Progress (CAP).

“Last week, you published an article on ThinkProgress criticizing me for my appearance and for the income I earned from writing a book,” Sanders wrote in a letter dated April 13 to CAP’s board of directors.

“Then, a day later, you published a video that dishonestly attacked me for hypocrisy in my effort to address income inequality in America—a video that was excitedly discussed on many conservative websites …

“This counterproductive negative campaigning needs to stop,” he wrote. “The Democratic primary must be a campaign of ideas, not of bad faith smears. Please help play a constructive role in the effort to defeat Donald Trump.”

Sanders also singled out longtime CAP President Neera Tanden, saying she “repeatedly calls for unity while simultaneously maligning my staff and supporters and belittling progressive ideas.

“I worry that the corporate money CAP is receiving is inordinately and inappropriately influencing the role it is playing in the progressive movement.”

Sanders was reacting to a post on CAP’s Think Progress blog that criticized him as a “millionaire” and “one-percenter,” as well as a CAP-linked videothat artfully sequences clips of him blasting “millionaires and billionaires,” with more recent ones in which he only goes after “billionaires.”

The point of the video is to highlight Sanders’ supposed socialist hypocrisy after his best-selling book made him, in his own words, a “millionaire.”

Sanders’ assault on CAP wasn’t merely on his own behalf, as he also noted in his letter “unfair” attacks on Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.).

It’s difficult to think of a think tank operation with more widely spread links among Democrats than CAP. Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir and foreign-policy strategist Matt Duss are CAP veterans.  more here

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  1. his appearance is theatrical.

    Watson, of DNA fame, used to deliberately muss up his hair and rumple his clothes before a public speaking engagement, for the same reason. Oddly, some people give credence to a somewhat disheveled person telling them how things are, and often prefer that to someone who looks the same as themselves. Eccentricity is ‘cute’ to them, even if it is shallow and contrived.
    Does anyone honestly believe he doesn’t own a hairbrush or know how to use it or have to be reminded to do so? Yeah, that would make a good President.
    WIth his appearance as it is, I question if he flushes after use, or if he ever washes his hands. Cute.

  2. Poor old Bernie, after playing a paid stooge for the DNC during the last election in order to ensure Hillary won the presidency he now has delusions of grandeur and believes he should have their total support for his delusions! The DNC is stupid (and crooked) but even they ain’t that stupid!


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