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Where Excrement Flows Like Wine

Gutfeld: San Francisco’s new public toilet fails

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  1. Of course it failed.
    I knew it was gonna fail the very second I heard of this boondoggle.
    I would love to have a follow up with the super-duper-pooper design team and get their input!

  2. “Where Excrement Flows Like Wine”

    That’s a real slam to even a cheap wine.

    I’m tempted to say: where excrement flows like political promises.

  3. Years ago I wanted to visit san francisco to see the twisty-turny road that everyone talks about, the streets from the famous Bullit movie chase scenes and San Quentin prison. Other than that there was nothing that interested me.
    Nowadays that city represents everything I despise.

  4. I tend to avoid any kind of outdoor public toilet unless it’s an absolute emergency. I don’t like the outhouses that you find on govt. property like the ones at the Natl. Bison Range just outside of Dixon, Mt., they’re OK to piss in but I’d be afraid to take a dump there especially when the signs on the sides of the outhouse say to watch out for bears that may be lurking in the area. McDonalds is my choice of restrooms if I need to stop or a convenience store but not outdoor public toilets. And besides I’m not above pissing along the side of the road when nature calls when I’m out driving. And remember when nature calls you better answer the phone. And to stay the hell out of San Francisco just because.

  5. @AgathaKak
    My team had nothing to do with it but I’d love to followup anyway if you like. Please bring all your team mates to the meeting in moustaches if necessary. We’ll get the over / under on the record too. Thank you for your output input support and service to our infrastructures.
    Team Co-Captain of De Signage & Strawberries

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