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Where We Are Now

American Digest:


First, and because I didn’t promise not to do this: I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO, I F*CKING TOLD YOU SO.

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  1. And it was all Fauci’s doing, don’t you know. All of it. So we’ll tar and feather him in the media, and then we’ll quietly retire him while letting the lockdown Governors perform tactical withdrawals from the scam, or make it their hill to die on. Whichever.

    We’ve already moved on to ransomware hacking and massive supply chain disruptions by the Russians so you’ll forget all about Chicom Covid. You’ve already forgotten about the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020. Just In Time.

    Just In Time. You’re going to find out exactly what that means, peons. Better stock up.

  2. The most amazing deception perpetuated on humanity SINCE the Garden of Eden. The devil and his minions are gleefully in charge of the country.

    I don’t think pedo Joe is evil I just think k he’s a very stupid man who doesn’t understand the level he’s being used has cooperated with his own vain desires to ” be the big guy.”

    Yes I think he is that dumb… And a lot of Americans are as well.

  3. All of this made possible by the internet – both a blessing and a curse.

    On the one hand, it allows truth to be told and consumed by the small population of people who still think critically and question everything before accepting it as fact.

    On the other hand it allows the truth to be censored and shut out to the large masses of people who are comfortably mind-numb and perfectly content to believe false prophets and charlatans.

    I’ll let the reader figure out which is which and who I’m talking about, but it’s all about market share. You control the market, you control the narrative.

    BTW, loved that commentary by Sarah Hoyt.

  4. I was reading a couple articles about the online ‘practice’ cybersecurity attack slated for July 9, 2021 (brought to you by Gates/Schwab Nazi group). If I remember correctly, something like 59 countries are involved. Just in case it oozes over into a days-long “test”, we are getting some cash to keep on hand, extra water, filling gas cans. It’s not like we won’t use this stuff anyway.

  5. Agree with Sarah Hoyt. While royally pissed at the media and politicos, I am dismayed that so many of our fellow Americans are so gullible and stupid. Our enemies must be a little bit surprised and completely delighted.

  6. If you think this COVID crap is over, you’re kidding yourself. All the remaining American Rights that weren’t revoked after 9-11 are going to be eliminated like sh!t through a Christmas goose.

    To those who saw this coming, the window to prepare has closed. The rest of you might as well binge-watch MAYBERRY R.F.D. until the power goes out.

  7. Let’s crank the evil up to 11 for a moment. What if we find beyond a doubt that this was *all* orchestrated? The virus release, the quarantines, the masks. The suppression and banning of cheap, effective drugs in favor of experimental vaccines. The lies from politicians, experts and media. We will demand heads on a pike, and rightly so. And we may get a few, inconsequential scalps for out belts.

    Now suppose for a moment that these new, damning revelations (Fauci’s emails, etc.) are also part of the plan. What happens when the next “pandemic” rolls out of the lab?

    The same playbook comes out and we say EFF YOU and your lockdown bullshit! We won’t get fooled again (cue Pete Townsend). Except, what if…

    This time the virus is far more contagious and deadly–purposefully so. And because we initially resist quarantines and other measures, it spreads super quickly and kills far more than COVID-19 (which was basically a test run).

    What if?

  8. I actually created a Reddit account at the beginning of COVID and was on a mission to warn everyone and anyone who would listen that everything we were being told is a goddamn lie. I posted several times daily and about 99.9% of my posts were downvoted to hidden status and the mob jumped down my throat and tore my asshole out relentlessly. Most of their reactions dismissed me as a mean racist Trump supporter even when almost all of my posts had no political or racial stance, outside of accusing government agencies as liars, in particular I was very active on the Illinois coronavirus subreddit and couldn’t help myself to point out the tyranny coming from our obese governor. I learned he has a cultish following, people worship that goon for some reason and never question his overreaching communism.

    I related it to everyone thinking the world is flat, which coincidentally these are the same people who would dismiss me as a conspiracy whack job had I tried convincing them the world was round back in the day.

    I eventually gave up and deleted my account after acquiring ONE just ONE follower who agreed with me after months of posting and lost a lot of faith in humanity.

  9. @ SoBeIt JUNE 6, 2021 AT 2:06 PM

    You can suffer from paranoia and still be right. You’re in that territory now with that post. Not arguing with you, just sayin’..

    It’s too “House of Mirrors” for the lost. They don’t know what to believe because they aren’t thinking for themselves.

    Discernment is a blessing to have. You can’t rely on others to do your thinking for you when it comes down to it.

    Calling BS when you see it may garner ridicule at first and then, later on, respect.

    I have a lefty friend that’s a retired R.N.

    More than once she has had to eat crow over medical things she was less informed about than myself. This applies to every to many subjects with lefty friends. You just need to show them the facts – not your opinion.

  10. Imagine what would have happened if Hillary had been President. The Wuhan flu would have been treated the same way that the Obama admin treated the Ebola virus. No lockdowns, no thousands of jobs/businesses lost, etc. I firmly believe that all of this was to destroy the economy so that Trump could be voted out of office. And even then the Dems had to turn to vote fraud to ensure their man won.

  11. Know where we are? We’re at a place where we can no longer trust any Junta-America institution.

    But we have each other: all 80 million of us. Stay the course.

  12. Yeah, it’s like I went to bed thinking, oh sounds like a bad flu season coming and when I woke up, the WORLD was cowering in their homes and wearing masks when they went out. I knew immediately what was going on, not because I’m smart, because they have been telling us what they were going to do to us for decades. I said this is going to lead to a mandatory jab and “papers” to go anywhere or buy anything. You know, like the MOTB system. And it is. I will not comply. These satanic SOB’s ain’t changing my dna and immune system. I will not be one of their internet of bodies. Jokes on them, I am not afraid to die.


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