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Which Joe Is Lying?

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  1. It is not a mutually exclusive question. At any age he’s a dirty, double-crossing, double-dealing, dishonest, duplicitous, dumpster-fire democRAT who lies every time he opens his filthy mouth! Fifty years of bullshit tells us with absolute confidence that he is are COMPLETE LYING SACK OF SHIT!!

  2. Any blacks or Jews who vote for that cadaver deserve their fate.
    Menthol cig ban is on “pause” until after the election.

    Hey joe*, if black lives matter, why the wait?
    Duplicitous fuckhead!

    Hell, from what I hear joe* can drive the 18 wheeler delivery truck to the hood and distribute the cancer sticks.
    Then tell the black folk about how his son Beau died in Iraq from smoking Kools…

  3. When pedo joe said that in 1987 , it was only because he got caught in the lie that he participated in the civil rights movement. The closest he got was being senator Byrne’s good friend . Byrd was a high Cyclops in the KKK.Listen to pedo joe’s speaks about the ” Roaches ” infesting the intercourse , aka negros.


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