White Blackivist Shaun King says gun enthusiasts have small “pensises,” forgets to delete pro-gun tweet – IOTW Report

White Blackivist Shaun King says gun enthusiasts have small “pensises,” forgets to delete pro-gun tweet

shaun king

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  1. Shaun the non-black blackivist activist wannabe someone, couldn’t wait to compensate his tiny weeny with a gun.

  2. His gun permits should be revoked . Him bragging on the internet about owning an arsenal of assault pistols and then playing amatuer psychologist clearly shows he is unstable. He may in fact be a serial killer and rapist.

    He no doubtedly lied on his CCW applications when he filed his paperwork, which is a felony, and listed his race as Black. The world has recently come to know that this mental case is very much a Honky. And the NY Daily News has given him.a platform to establish his plodding anger in public, so the authorities really have a basis to arrest and imprison this lunatic before he explodes. Not unlike the other lunatic, homosexual, violent, ARMED, murdering democrat liberal media whacko from Virginia that killed the reporter on live t.v.

    This guy is a terroist. But unlike the other ones that are stockpiling weapons and pipe bombs, the FBI isnt following this nut job 24/7 hoping to stop him just as be opens fire in.the news room or at a anti police riot.

    So, once again, the qusetion for the NY Daily Loser and Stasi the ugly Nazi is “Why do yo have a dangerous psychopath armed to the teeth and bragging about it, working at the rag paper ? If he kills his coworkers the circulation will be cut in half, can you really afford that”? This maniac MUST BE DISARMED AND ARRESTED AND IMPRISONED IMMEDIATELY.

    He has committed a variation of a straw purchase to obtain those weapons. He has lied on his national instant background check and permit application. He is a federal and state felon. Loretta Lynch arrest him now!!!

    Spread this around and lets get this maniac off the streets.

  3. In fact, I think this is right up the alley of investigative reporter James Okeefe and his cameras at Project Veritas. Please join me in emailing him and asking him to investigate this mental case time bomb and to FOIA his applications so we can get this nut job put in prison.

    The implications are huge if he did lie on that paperwork,which is about a 99% likelihood he did.

  4. All this talk of penises is making my chocolate starfish pucker and unpucker … gonna send the SS out to find Reggie …

  5. What about us women? We love our guns, too. I’m not compensating for anything. I don’t want one of those things, I like what I have. Men and women fit so nicely together. And it’s just not physically, but the whole package.

    I’m sorry, Shaun, that you’re a freak. That’s why you hate – you can’t stand that everyone is not as miserable as you.

  6. So what do “several psychologists” say about the BLACK male obsession with holding/shooting guns? Think Shitcago, because it’s not white males shooting that shithole up.

  7. Bad Brad, I was truly sorry to hear about your small penis and low sex drive. Maybe there’s something you can take for that?

  8. Probably didn’t send that tweet out to any moslems. If they got insulted by it and displayed their natural violent behavior, AG Lynch says she would arrest his dumb ass.

  9. I grew up in a family where my little brother was gay and always had lots of gay friends hanging around him, so I know a little bit about what they seem, some anyway, to be obsessed about. They have a term called ‘size queen’ which is an obsession over guys with larger endowments. I believe that little Shaun might be just trolling for one of those bigger guys. If he is indeed arrested and put in prison he might just get that too on a daily basis being big black Bubba’s bitch.

  10. Really?? Thjat’s the best insult they can come up with? I have a gun and so I also have a tiny dick…… And that’s supposed to hurt me? Little cracker ass muthah fuckah has to do WAY better than that. 🙂

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