White House Staffer: Clinton Team ‘Cavalier’ With Top Secret Clearance Rules


Staffers for President Bill Clinton had a “cavalier” attitude toward security clearance paperwork, a former Clinton White House official told radio host Aaron Klein Sunday night.

The official, Linda Tripp, also worked for former President George H.W. Bush. She is best known for secretly recording her conversations with Clinton intern Monica Lewinsky when the intern discussed her sexual relationship with the president.

“In the Bush White House, classification was critical, followed to the T and adhered to with great, great detail,” ,” Tripp explained. “And it was what I was familiar with during my 20 years in with them. It was so ingrained that it wasn’t necessarily anything new for me. When the Clintons came in, I think one of the things that was startling from the very beginning was in order to even work in the West Wing, you have to pass an extremely comprehensive background security review.”

“It’s generally a 90-day process. It costs thousands upon thousands of dollars per person, and at the end of that time you receive your security clearance, at whatever level you are secured. Mine was top-secret and above,” she said.


7 Comments on White House Staffer: Clinton Team ‘Cavalier’ With Top Secret Clearance Rules

  1. Bill Clinton had a “cavalier” attitude

    so does his “wife”

    “at this point what difference does it make?”
    “we came, we saw, he died.”
    “what I call the basket of deplorables.”
    “living in their parents basements.”
    “vast right wing conspiracy.”

  2. My mother constantly falls for these phishing emails and other computer attacks.
    She still argues with me and blames me if her computer has a glitch.
    I can see Hillary doing the same.
    She is an evil, vile, yet ignorant cunt.
    (My Mom was evil growing up but she has softened over the years 🙂
    God help us.

  3. I read Unlimited Access by Gary Aldrich. Interesting read. Astounding how one family and their Clampett-esq friends ran roughshod over FBI and SS literally changing decades of traditional security clearance requirements and NO ONE stopped them.

    Clintons set the precedent and Obama picked up the baton from there.

  4. Slick would sign off on Estefan having top secret ***** clearance for 2 blow jobs, 3 foot(penis) rubs, and all night in bed with his ugly old shriveled up body and shrunken weenie. Hitllery would do the same for 10 mins with her boobs and 5 mins with her gash. Fast and loose with our national security doesn’t begin to describe both these treasonous traitors.

  5. What Engleburka said: Clinton’s staff, even the minnows, refused to fill out basic security forms and answer basic questions. They ignored the FBI and got away with it. That was the beginning. I blame the FBI.

  6. gah! Where did you dredge up that pic of Hitlery? I think she and Soros both go to the same doctor – The Emperor Palpatine Dermatology Clinic.

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