White House teases Biden will have a ‘big boy press conference’  – IOTW Report

White House teases Biden will have a ‘big boy press conference’ 

DMUK: President Biden is setting up the next hurdle as he proves he is up for campaigning amid calls by lawmakers for him to step back – submitting to what the White House is now calling a ‘big boy’ press conference.

The commitment came on a day Biden phone into MSNBC and wrote restive congressional lawmakers seeking to provide assurances that he can beat Donald Trump after his shaky debate performance.

‘I guess a big boy press conference, we’re calling it, and take some questions from you all,’ White House national security spokesman John Kirby called it while discussing Biden’s schedule. more

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  1. Joey can forget to breathe like in today’s Babylon Bee headline, Oh no! Biden starts to turn blue after aides forget to include his ‘remember to breathe’ card. It could happen, braindead joey is that stupid as to forget to breathe.

  2. A confederacy of dunces. The perfection of the democratic system, per Mencken. ‘First rate minds surround themselves with first rate minds. Second rate minds surround themselves with third rate minds.’

    0bama is, very charitably, a second rate mind. That is the genesis of the Biden shit show. A great generalization can be made, anyone who works for this administration is third rate. Running with that generalization won’t steer a person far wrong.

  3. White House hanglers can control the questions and train Biden to answer softball questions, but they Cannot control Biden’s bowels or bladder.
    The media will play along.
    Let the fun times roll.

  4. This is ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ – except that they KNOW that we know the emperor has no clothes, and they continue to insist that he does AS THEY SHOW US HE DOES NOT. This is along the lines of Ann Barnhart’s Diabolical Narcissism – they want to show us how much power they have by ignoring reality to our faces.

  5. A cognitive test for Biden would to test if he can breathe and chew gum at the same time.

    Dumb-ass Biden could take a deep breath and swallow a huge wad of gum that would cause his innards to all stick together in one big rotten mess. Soon, he’d die.

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