White Racists Picking on D.C. Metro Riders. Again.

American Thinker— The Washington Post and D.C. City Council have finally figured out why 91 percent of Metro fares evaders are black: Racist transit police are targeting black people and ignoring white people who do the same thing.

That is why the city council this week voted to decriminalize citations for the free riders.  And why the Metro says it will continue to lose $25 million a year on the turnstile jumpers — a small price to pay to correct 40, 4,000, 4 million (take your pick) years of racial injustice directed at black people, say members of the city council.

Writing tickets to black people is “endemic of a systemic issue” of white racism, said city councilman Charles Allen.  And that is why the City Council voted to change their citation scheme to a system where police can still write tickets, but the Metro will not be able to do anything to collect the fines if the perps refuse to pay.

Under the old system, people were not allowed to register their cars, for example, if an unpaid ticket was on their record. The Washington Post explains it all to us:

Allen and his ilk on the council “pointed to a disparity in fare evasion arrests that shows police disproportionately target African Americans.”

The City Council relied on a report from the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, which said the Metro had increased enforcement on the trains over the last two years.  more here

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  1. Stop enforcing fare evasion, within a year no one will be paying and soon after the system will go broke. And somehow it will be the racist police force’s fault.

  2. Why does Democrat control mean the end of all logic in rule making and the end of expectations for self control?

  3. “Why does Democrat control mean the end of all logic in rule making and the end of expectations for self control?”

    Let’s ask their shadow leader, Anne Archism.

  4. From a leftist perspective, there is logic in their rule making and end of expectations for self control; you just have to know what that logic is.

    Leftists want power for power’s sake – unlike their constituents, the leftist leaders are intelligent enough to know that they are trying to enact a system which is doomed to spectacular failure so policy discussions must be avoided. There are two primary ways to get power: either by armed revolution or by convincing enough people to vote the left into office where they can take steps to secure their power. Those steps to secure power always include disarming the public, and ensuring the loyalty of the military and police – all other bureaucrats and functionaries can be replaced.

    Until the American public is disarmed, the only way to gain power is through the ballot box; fraud is a method to throw close races, but the best way is to develop a class of dependent voters who believe they need the government to survive. The two most obvious groups that fall in this category of dependent voters are blacks and illegal immigrants. And the true beauty of gaining absolute power through the ballot box is that on the journey to obtaining power, the leftist leaders can use their positions to obtain government money to ensure the dependency of their constituents.

    So to get power, leftists must cater to these government dependent groups, which entails giving them special privileges which are justified by ludicrous, but compassionate sounding rationales. In the case of turnstile jumpers, “racism” is a tried and true fallback position, but the reason could very well be “it’s for the children,” or “because we like puppies and kittens.” It doesn’t matter what the given reason is, it just must sound compassionate and the leaders can rely on PT Barnum’s maxim that “nobody went broke underestimating the American public.”

    So yes, the left does have logic behind their actions. The left’s methods and goals are like a deadly virus that will eventually kill the host, but the end game is absolute power for only a few, and not the good of society as a whole.

  5. Absurd because both the DC Police, and the Metro Transit Police who actually write most of the transit tickets, are 100% black.
    So are the ticket booth agents, the train engineers, etc. All black.
    I’ve lived in DC on and off most of the last 25 years. I literally can’t remember the last time I saw a white city employee, anywhere, in any role. Cops, Fire, DMV, Library, Ambulance, City Hall clerks. All black, always. Just a fact of DC life.

    So racist black transit cops are racistly targeting fellow blacks?

  6. Well said Wyatt.
    Disparity of outcomes does not prove racism, it proves disparity of honesty that falls along racial lines.
    Blacks don’t pay because they feel they are not part of this society and therefor do not have to participate

  7. There are well-established rules.
    The cost for anything worthwhile always goes on Whitey’s tab.

    That frees up the funds necessary for weed, Colt 45, and $250 baskeetbaw shoooos. And high-cholesterol foods.
    The meds and Emergency Room vacays go on obama’s tab.

  8. “Bitch set me up…..” famous words of a DC Mayor who served time after an FBI sting caught him smoking crack on video, after his release from prison he was elected mayor again.

    Other pearls of wisdom from His Honor
    Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

    What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?

    Washington, DC hahahahahahahahaaaaa the world laughs at you.

  9. Yes, Wyatt, that was Hitler’s approach in contradistinction to Lenin’s.
    The 20s (Beer Hall Putsch, FreiCorp, &c.) proved that Germany wasn’t willing to do the Revolution thing so he opted for lying and making deals that he had absolutely no intention of honoring.

    It worked in a Parliamentary system, so why not in our Republic? The Demonrats policies are so closely aligned to those of the German Socialists that it’s breathtaking.

    I guess corrupting the Public “School” system was a really successful first step. It’d be a shame to lose the Republic through ignorance, apathy, and ennui.

    izlamo delenda est …

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