Who says China’s social credit system isn’t practiced here? Check out what 20% of hiring managers are doing

American Thinker:

Speaking of being held down.  Speaking of “cancel culture.”  Has there ever been as blatant a civil rights violation as this, coming from a marketing company’s survey?

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner found this:

American workers who like President Trump face sweeping bias against them, with some managers refusing to hire his supporters and those already employed facing discrimination and mockery, according to a new study.

In a survey of hiring managers and workers shared with Secrets, the marketing firm Airtasker found that left-leaning firms are especially anti-Trump, with 20% vowing to reject a job candidate who backs the president.

And those who support Trump and who are already in the workplace face substantial mockery, including name-calling. The survey listed the responses to several examples of what pro-Trump workers face:

  • 28%, joking about them.
  • 23%, overly critical of them.
  • 21%, being dismissive of them.
  • 11% facing name calling.

One out of five!  In other words, twenty percent of America’s jobs are off-limits to people who voted for Trump.  Trump voters constitute 50% of the electorate but have access to only 80% of the jobs based on this survey, and if the left-right ratio of jobholders is proportionate to the population, it would mean that Trump voters have access to only 40% of the jobs out there.  It’s political discrimination in spades, and they’re getting away with it.

This is precisely what drove voters to elect President Trump in 2016.  It’s why they surprised pollsters as a “silent majority,” declining to put Trump bumper stickers on their cars out of knowing that leftist intolerance is out there and not wanting to run into it.  Now this news may propel them to elect him again in 2020 because news is out that the intolerance is not going away and now even the routes to opportunity and paths to success, such as in hiring, are involved.  Didn’t get a job?  Maybe it’s because you voted for Trump.  The perpetrators now are so comfortable turning people down over politics that they’re admitting to doing it to pollsters.  It’s a sign that cancel-culture among the establishment’s elites is out of control and, in effect, is putting America well on the road to a China-style social credit system, with no central government necessarily ordering them. read more

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  1. Bottom line: Keep your politics and your finances to yourself. No good can come from sharing either one with strangers – only harm.

    This is a hard-won lesson I share with you.

    Disregard it at your peril.

  2. I always go to Facebook and Instagram to check out potential new hires. I rejected a tattooed freak, and a purple-haired woman. These idiots have no idea what a treasure trove social media is for weeding out the idiots. If a person wanted to reject a candidate based on their liberal beliefs, they could do that as well. I’m not saying I’ve done that though… 🙂

  3. OTOH, I’ve read where a few employers ask (in job interviews) about an applicant’s opinions on guns, police, military, country….

  4. When going to job interviews:
    “Check your states laws on recording conversations – if only one person in the convo has to approve of the recording for Quality Assurance Purposes…
    *go online and buy a small unobtrusive spy cam
    *Wear it in your interview and record their prejudiced asses. (Their pre-judging you means they’re prejudiced)
    *Sue their asses. Get EEOC involved. Go Alinsky and use their libtard gummint laws against them.

  5. If interviewing for a job I’d be thankful for the tip off, I don’t want to work in an atmosphere filled with idiots.

  6. Any company that rejects a large number of possible
    employees talents because of their mainstream political
    views is not competitive and not a place to hang your
    hat if you want to get ahead.
    I will go along with “No KKK or Commies need apply”.

  7. Whose company is it?
    If it’s publicly owned, it’s violating the law.
    If it’s privately owned, I don’t GAF.

    The fact is, in our Kafka-esque legal system (see: “The Trial”) those who suffer discrimination for supporting President Trump and any semblance of Constitutionalism will find nothing but absurdity in the face of violently oppressive nihilistic totalitarianism.
    There simply is NO recourse.
    The legislatures, the judiciary, the constabulary, the media, and academia are entrenched (and stealing $Trillions) “socialists” and will not suffer dissent.

    Every man who stands for freedom, for liberty, and for his unalienable rights, is a threat to their existence – for good and evil cannot co-exist in the same body (actually they can, but the result is dysfunction, retardation, and psychoses) – which is why they expend so much effort on (what seems like) trivia.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. My husband is surrounded by overeducated liberals. They make fun of him and anyone who supports Trump. He is secure in his job however because he’s the best at what he does.
    The company also took them all into the conference room a year and half or so ago and told them straight up that they are only hiring women and minorities in the near future.
    This is an international company. One of the largest engineering firms in the world.
    This is not new. It’s just being talked about now because it’s happening to so many now.

  9. One guy at work criticized Trump at a meeting, calling him “crazy” and not a single person agreed, shook his head, or said anything. The guy shut up about politics after that one.

  10. Yea, Who needs hard working self sufficient Employees anyhow?

    I won’t Hire People Who drive Foreign Vehicles and or smoke…and I’m

    desperate for Employees.

  11. @VietVet: I tell people I voted for Trump and I will do it again. When they say “I HATE TRUMP!” It gives me the opportunity to ask why. First thing out of their mouth? HE’S A LIAR! I say to them, so are you. What politician hasn’t lied to us? Who hasn’t ever lied to you and who have you lied to? That shuts them up. Had this conversation yesterday and it isn’t the first time. First time since Reagan have I been honored to have a President such as Trump. Know when to pick your fights. This was with 2 liberal fat ass women in the heart of liberal country.

  12. Goldenfoxx – I think I would also mention that President Trump is about the only President in my memory that has made good on so many of his campaign promises! And that’s no lie!

  13. @Goldenfoxx: I know people who love to argue with other people. At my age I consider it a waste of what time I have left here.

    You gotta do what makes you happy.


  14. Beachmom: mine is the same way. We take hours of business ethics classes ever year and are quizzed afterwards.

    One of the questions is “Do we have quotas?”

    The correct answer being no, of course not. That practice is illegal.

    We have “Diversity & Inclusion” which is far worse.

    The only way a white guy is getting hired is if he’s gay and what was once thought to be a conservative, internationally recognized brand is now a pride parade every day.


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