Who’s the Victim Now?

Lets look at a couple of cases of critics taking things too far. After the Claire Van Fossen piece on doing away with the police in the name of social justice, she got some rather heated e-mails.

One of which was traced back to a Lutheran pastor in La Crosse, WI, who found himself in deep trouble for his badly worded and threatening e-mail.


See what happened when Memories Pizzeria in Indiana declared that they would not cater a gay wedding after the state recently instituted the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? They received abusive phone calls and have had their business savaged in online reviews. Anyone care to guess who has suffered the consequences from this abuse?

Update:  Hey, look. Someone on the left is actually being held responsible for their threat.  The world seems a little more balanced today.


5 Comments on Who’s the Victim Now?

  1. Suspended shuhsmended.

    He career will not be damaged, she’ll get away with it. But heh she’ll probably be arrested for sex with a female student within the next 6 months.

  2. That’s a woman? Scarey!

    On a happy note the fund for memories Pizza is over $191,000 and growing.


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