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Why Are Redheads Being Erased In Media?

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: What do Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Annie from Annie or April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all have in common? All of these characters (and many more) were originally red headed white females who have been erased and replaced with blacks in recent iterations. What may appear to be a harmless trend intended to create more representations of non white characters, in actuality is just race-baiting soft skull progressive guilt that’s not only divisive, but counterproductive.

What’s even more ironic is that redheads only make up 1-2% of the global population and so they’re also a minority compared to the black population, which is 13% of the American population.

As a stunning Auburn Haired Beauty myself  *cough* all this “Ginger Genocide” troubles me.  more

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  1. Well, they ain’t black. LOL, I’m here to help. And people scoff at the Replacement Population theory. Your substitute is coming across the border now. And he’s Chinese.

  2. Well, in my experience, all natural redheads are whites of European or possibly Mediterranean descent (like Isreal, Greece, etc.), so they’ve got that going against them, at least in the eyes of the woke. And just that one thing is all the woke need to try to erase them. There may be an Asian or an African who was naturally redheaded, but if so, I’ve never met one.

  3. The main character in the video game series Horizon is a redheaded girl/woman-which I was surprised by. Most other characters are ethnic of some sort with the majority being black. A very obvious choice from the last time I sat down and played a game.

  4. Redheads represent the whitest of the white. And the left utterly HATES white people. Being the classic definition of a ‘white person’ redheads are hated above all other white people. And the left ALWAYS attacks those it hates.

  5. “They used to be used as a measurement standard in machine shops known as the RCH…”

    That’s my world. A blonde one is .003 in diameter. A red one scraped the whiskers off my chin permanently. LOL. Was it worth it? You bet your ass.

  6. The smallest population of white people.
    Easier in their minds to erase.

    Blondes Next.


    Frankly, I started finding Red Heads attractive late to the party. For some reason, I’ve always attracted Blondes. (horrible luck, eh?)

  7. @ Eugenia at 3:03 am,

    No, although I am white headed today I to was an auburn. Beard and mustache were very ginger.

  8. I am a redhead. Full head of red hair at birth.
    Funny Hollywood replaces so many redheaded characters with blacks.
    I think red is the most popular coloring black girls use on their hair and weaves that they’re constantly slapping when they itch.

    The truth is anti whiteism has replaced imagination.

    Too bad they don’t fear us redheads like a lot of people who think we have explosive tempers.
    They’d rethink the replacement.

  9. “The truth is anti whiteism has replaced imagination.”

    Satan cannot create – he can only copy and mock.
    His minions follow his example and only mimic and mock what their betters have done.
    This is precisely why nothing but dreck has oozed out of Hollyweird for a generation – nothing new, nothing innovative – everything contrived, leftover, and stale (with the exception of “The Lord of the Rings” – but that wasn’t actually Hollyweird, was it?).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. In major democrat controlled cities Nationwide, just being white (regardless of hair color) you stand a good chance of being beaten, shot or killed.

    Years of selling division, being told you deserve reparations, don’t need a good education, you are owed everything. They become takers, thugs, drug dealers and dangerous criminals.

    Many Blacks shrugged this mentality years ago and are living the American dream and it continues today. Generally it is the brightest Blacks, whites, oriental, native Americans who throw off the chains of division and contribute most and defends the Republic.

    Regardless of color, those those who choose the “Thug World” deliver nothing but mayhem and death. They revel in their evil endeavors.
    Demonic? Yes, in most, if not all cases.


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