Why Dems are going to have a rough ’18

Sparta Report: The Republicans are doomed in November, doomed, according to the media and their polls. There is to be a big blue wave that will reinstate Nancy Pelosi to her rightful place as the Speaker of the House. And yet, there are some glaring, nagging issues that hamper the media and Democrats goals.

The mythical big blue wave that the media was breathlessly talking about in the 2016 presidential election, that was to usher in the first woman presidency, never materialized despite their best efforts. Despite their loss, they have soldiered on and even brought out the wave scenario again.

The Washington Post highlighted that they believe the 2018 elections are going to be a reverse of the Republican win in the 2010 midterm elections. They created several infographics to showcase exactly why they believe the similarities exist.

But what they revealed is the single biggest reason for the Democrats continued losing streak in the Congressional elections, they are becoming too liberal for America. People on the right have joked about the fact that liberals in the Democrat party have to hide their true beliefs in order to win elections for years.

The only way the Democrat party wins this year is if they are able to successfully convince the voters in 25 Republican districts they are not who they say they are. while keeping all of their own from flipping to another party, that they are not who they were in their primary elections. And with their primary elections going the way they have, this is going to be a tall order.

The last few years have seen a massive swing of the party to the left. In 2002, the party was decidedly left of center, with some centrists to round out the majority leftist party.  MORE HERE


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  1. No one predicting the blue wave ever mentions the fund raising advantage the Republicans have, the state house and redistricting advantage and the up coming bomb shells when the IG report is finally released and the grand juries are formed to determine which of the many possible laws Hillary and the crooks who infested the DOJ and the FBI should be prosecuted for violating.

  2. Trump is polling at 51% despite the constent negative drumbeats in media. People know, people understand.

  3. Overall, the Republicans continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Not to be outdone, the Democrats proceed to shoot themselves in both feet.

    It’s not enough that Democrats are, so far as most Americans concerned, on the wrong side of issues important to Democrats like impeaching Donald Trump, gun confiscation (yes, we know what it really is), raising taxes and granting amnesty to illegals, but the Democrats are screechingly annoying in pushing their agenda. Even their global warming agenda is cratering. And while the Democrats have the advantage of outlets like CNN, MSNBC and the late night “comics” pushing their agenda, they also have the disadvantage of CNN, MSNBC and the late night “comics” pushing their agenda. If the Democrat message was resonating on CNN, CNN would have better ratings.

    The Democrats are careening left as fast as they can, and the results of their policies are becoming apparent in Detroit, Chicago, California and Illinois. And their spokespeople – Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, etc. – are generally old and out of touch. Doubling down on failure is a bad strategy.

  4. The dimwits are desperately seeking it’s Platform they can run on.
    Their collective brains can dream one up. I guess they will use everything and nothing at the same time.

  5. Hillary got the popular vote, don’t sell the idiots out there short. Even excluding all the illegal voters there’s still too many fools out there.

  6. The Republicans are trying to prove that there really is NO difference between the parties.

    “… not a dime’s worth …” according to Geo. Wallace.

    Without lies both parties would collapse. Without lies and voter fraud the Demonrats would collapse quicker. The re-Pubes will probably cry like little shit-weasel babies if they retain control of both Houses – they’d much rather steal and whine from the back-benches.

    Build the Wall. Repeal ObolaCare. Cut Welfare. Repeal the 16th and the 17th. Enforce the 2nd (prosecute any and all states that limit the right to keep and bear arms and eliminate the BATFE). If unwilling to do these simple things, you’re worthless – worse than worthless, actually – you’re traitors.

    izlamo delenda est …


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