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Why do black African immigrants do better than American-born blacks?

Aspen Beat: Millions of sub-Saharan blacks seek to immigrate to America. They apparently haven’t gotten the memo that this is a wretched land of systemic anti-black racism.

When they get here, they’re strangers in a strange land. English is usually not their first language. Their skin color tends to be very black, not the lighter color of American blacks who have an average of about 25% white blood in them.

Despite those handicaps, they do better than American-born blacks. Compared to American-born blacks, their income is about a third higher, their poverty rates are significantly lower, their educational achievement is higher, and their marriage rate is double. more

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  1. You’re asking the wrong questions…
    1) Why are millions of sub-Saharan blacks ALLOWED to emigrate here???
    2) Why isn’t ANYONE emigrating there???
    3) Did sub-Sahara suddenly morph into a shithole?

    IOW, why the fuck don’t they take care of their own shit instead of getting the benefit of 100s of years of white people’s hard work?

    You want to allow massive immigration of some people that have proven themselves to be hard working mofos who will integrate well into America while at the same time adding immeasurably to our culture? Lets welcome every white S African that wants to come.

  2. Because liberals like GWB tell them over and over again they are dumb. This has been known for over 100 years. Social psychologists coined a name for it 100 years ago, THE PYGMALOION EFFECT. Its why 50 years ago I always told my kids they were smart!

    tell folk they are lazy over and over they , usually, will be lazy.

  3. I knew this 10 years ago. I saw a guy interview a bush
    dude in the deep bush of Nigeria.Guy asked dude if he wanted to come to America.Bush dude said hell yea! When
    do we leave.Interviewer told him there was horrible
    racism against blacks in America.Bush dude said “I don’t
    care about racism,we have that here.I want to work and
    make lots of $$$”.

  4. The family is central to Africans. Mostly strong fathers who are honored. I have first hand knowledge of this at least for some of the countries. My wife is from Cameroon.

    The comment above about Lyndon is pretty apt.

  5. One thing you learn when you have the honor of meeting and speaking with Africans is that they are nothing at all like the “African-American” which is a creation of the Democrat Party. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with pastors from Nigeria and Camaroon on two occasions. Beautiful, fascinating, uplifting experience discussing different aspects of their life experiences.

    That immigrants come here and succeed is absolute proof of the Big Lie, as told by the Michael Eric Dyson’s of the world; that blacks fall behind because of slavery and lack of generational wealth, etc. It’s all a lie. Immigrants come here with little or nothing, not even speaking the language, and become successful. It’s all about your values.

    I think I’ll stop there.

  6. If a loser from Ghana claims he can’t get anywhere in life because he’s black, The 30 million other black people in his country representing 99.9999% of the country’s population tell him to shut the fuck up, quit whining, and get a fucking job.

    If a black loser in the US claims he can’t get anywhere in life because he’s black, he gets tons of free shit and is encouraged to be an even bigger loser asshole at every opportunity.

  7. A bit of a American history may put into perspective the deconstruction of most black American families and communities.

    A mass exodus of Southern black people ran in droves to the Northern Midwest and Mid Atlantic states to settle into inner cities, like Chicago, Detroit, New York.

    Wwll done reference about black American migration;
    https://www.history.com/topics/black-history/great-migration .

    Obviously, they were being run out by Democrats terrorist muscle like the Klu Klux Klan and the South’s lack of economic opportunity.

    So, ending up in the North did provide the economic advancement Southern black people needed. Black Americans, descendents of slaves who migrated North, absolutely obtained, in general equal status to whites for a long period of time from the 1920s through 1960s. All the while occupying urban areas and suburbs abandoned by mostly European immigrants.

    However, wealthy elites became threatened by black economic achievement that could eventually rival white elite power and wealth.

    The plan to disenfranchise black Americans began. Starting with instigators, Margaret Sanger to Lyndon Johnson and traitorous “black leaders” like W.E.B. Dubois, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the corruption of black Americans has resulted in the disasterous inner city sh**holes legacy that exists today.

    The most damage, by design happened in urban cities where high concentration of black people could be easily targeted – easier to control and influence.

    Elites treated these areas like labs. Gullible, politically ignorant urban blacks bought into leftist lies of prosperity through government assistance. No need to work if the government will “take care of you”.
    The same tactic we see today with Covid federal unemployment checks – create a crisis.
    Joblessness, high crime and drugs rapidly took over.
    Do black people in these urban nightmares bear some responsibility for their plight? Absolutely, God created all men equally. Men can choose better circumstances for their lives. The exsistence of the United States of America is more than enough proof.

    The main difference between black African immigrants (those not trying to complete a islamic jihad) and some black Americans (those who buy into BLM and othe leftist lies) is black Americans in general have abandoned the American dream. The vital principle that sustained and prospered them for many years.

  8. BTW, there is no economic, social or political disparity for American born blacks or any other group of people in America.
    Achievement in any worthwhile venture has no limits.
    Technology and innovations in health care helped make a equal opportunity in America more possible.
    Too many black Americans born and raised in America have lost their focus and identity as Americans.

    American born blaxk people are not Africans and have little in common with black Africans – black Americans born in this country have been conned by the left into believing that lie.

  9. Those who saw real oppression, fled socialism and dictatorship appreciate this country, know the American dream is real, if you get off your backside and work.
    I am one of them. I am not black, but son of a legal immigrant. We have not been on ANY government assistance, welfare, or any taxpayer money funded program one day since arriving to this great country. Came through the door, waited for our turn, and we ran away from a war zone. Never played a victim one day.

    When we rented our first apartment after we arrived, we barely had any money left to get groceries. Went out to work the next morning.
    Now we are living the American dream.
    This is the greatest country in the world.
    Most of the blacks here live as victims. Were indoctrinated to live as such, convinced by the left that they can’t succeed and it’s all the white’s fault, and they are entitled to free money, or something. Told even not having a father in their lives is normal.
    Such a shame.

  10. @mminwa – beg to differ about importing white South Africans.

    We’re stuck with the libtard preachy Charlize Theron. She’s a South African

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