Why German Drivers Are Displaying ‘F*** You Greta’ Bumper Stickers

Breitbart Europe:

German drivers have begun displaying ‘F*** you Greta’ bumper stickers in protest at the world’s most irritating and over-promoted teenage girl.

Greta Thunberg — with her distinctive pigtails and the thousand-yard stare of a girl who can actually see in the air all that evil “carbon” which is supposedly going to destroy the planet — has been feted across the mainstream media as a kind of latter-day Joan of Arc and even nominated as a candidate for a Nobel Prize.


12 Comments on Why German Drivers Are Displaying ‘F*** You Greta’ Bumper Stickers

  1. “Make Germany Gretaless”

    (and the Omen Meme is top notch !!!!)

  2. Bring back the children of yester-year that used to respect their elders, were happy with simple toys and left the important stuff to the grown-ups that never used their children as pawns.

  3. I wonder if she is being marketed by the same agency that handles ‘amazing desmond.’
    Programmable bio-bots.

  4. I wonder if she can see the global warming caused by millions of unskilled migrants who live off of government handouts & welfare in the EU that have abandoned their self created SHITHOLES.


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