Why Go on The View to Be Insulted?

RUSH: Mike Huckabee, he and his daughter went on The View yesterday. Did you know this? Why? Why do our people go on these shows and be insulted? Joy Behar, who’s, what, 84 now? (interruption) Me? No.

Joy Behar looked at Mike Huckabee, and she said, “Let’s not pretend that Trump hasn’t said some horrible things about women. Let’s not pretend.” And of course Huckabee is nodding and so forth and the audience of these crazy left-wingers is going nuts. And then she says, “How can you, how can you have your daughter, how can you send your daughter to defend this man? Let’s not pretend that he hasn’t said horrible things about women.”

Now, why? And Huckabee has a good answer. He said (paraphrasing), “Look, this man gave my daughter one of the greatest opportunities.” And then Sarah Huckabee says, Sarah Sanders, she said, “Hey, look, you know what? He hits everybody hard. He doesn’t show any favorites.” But she didn’t say, “You’re all wrong, he respects everybody in the White House. He respects me.” She didn’t say that. She said he hits everybody. Why even go on these shows? Why do you have to go there and be insulted by Joy Behar? What do you expect to get out of this? I don’t understand it.

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  1. Agree. Don’t go on these shows. Don’t allow yourself to be abused. Ignore these a-holes, the same way you would ignore a petulant child.

  2. The only other *reasonable* option I see (and wish more on the Right had the balls to carry through on) would be to go on and hit back verbally twice as hard.

    Let them be shocked. Let them clutch pearls. And end with, “Well, now you see how you on the Left treat us; had enough?”

  3. Remember when Rush Limbaugh went on the David Letterman show and got his ass handed to him?

    Well, I’ve been wondering why these people do this. Why argue with people shouting at cars?

  4. Covalence is intense among the harpies of The View. They are unable to see themselves as others see (and hear) them. And if they could only see their faces as we see them. It would stop them dead in their tracks.

    I don’t understand Sarah Sanders’ response to that charge. The WH press corpse is much harder to navigate than those old harridans on The View.

  5. Any conservative appearing on the view is inviting a harpie attack.
    it’s like going on jerry springer and expecting good news.
    The view crew is rabid, uninformed and just plain wrong. how anyone could watch their crap is beyond me.

  6. Wilma Flintstone with an acid tongue. Be glad you don’t have her as a neighbor, which is unlikely anyway unless you live in a pasture.

  7. Real Americans have jobs, go to school or do volunteer work… they have no time to watch queefs like Joy Behar anyway.

  8. How the liberal mind conveniently forgets…Bill Clinton’s treatment of women was light years worse than anything DJT may have ever said about the women. What planet is she living on?

  9. Behar is one of the worsts fascists around. She doesn’t even want to hear your opinion and won’t allow you to talk if it doesn’t fit her strict idea of what is “correct.” I wouldn’t be caught dead near one of these harpies.

  10. Let’s face it, The Huckabee and his daughter are progressives and don’t really have a problem relating to liberals. They think they’re doing a good thing confronting the “misinformed” harpies of The View. You’d be shocked to find out that privately the Huckabees are more like Ryan, McConnell and Graham. Sarah Huckabee is a very skilled, disciplined spokesman for the Trump admin. but that does not mean she is on board personally with President Trump’s hard line conservative policies which his base supports.

  11. Why watch The View just to be insulted by a bunch of FUGLY, alleged women? It’s never been on in my home. Never will be. A few clips seen on YouTube have made me sick to my stomach.

  12. Other than be a leftist lapdog for a price, can somebody tell me what has Joy Behar EVER done?!
    Whoopedi at least has an ‘entertainment’ resume, of sorts. And is laughably amusing in a way.
    But Behar is so hard on the eyes, her voice is like a coarse cheese grater, and her opinions are so obvious, unapologetic and agenda-driven that no one can possibly pay attention to that yapping hound.

  13. TO AA

    That likely happened because Sanders didn’t take the interview/interrogation seriously and let her guard down. She’s usually well prepared to the press grilling.

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