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Why handlers won’t allow Biden to debate Trump

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  1. Can you even imagine what a debate would like between the two. First off, the moderators would make sure they answered the questions for Brandon, and he’d still screw it up. At some point during the debate he would wander off the stage to sniff someone in the crowd, and of course he’d tell some massive lie about his son or his family that had nothing to do with the question.
    Trainwreck. I did see a comedian say though, that Biden is the perfect person to debate Trump, since Trump’s tactic is to get inside the other person’s head to frustrate them. Biden isn’t even his own head, so Trump wouldn’t be able to do that.

  2. The mod will give Trump a loaded, accusatory question, the premise of which he would first have to deny, and then as he was refuting the accusation with evidence, the mod would cut him of and turn to Biden.

    The mod will then make a long, inflammatory—bordering on libelous—statement about Trump, in the form of a question, and ask Biden if he believes it is true. Biden will listen to his earpiece for a bit, and then answer “Yes. No doubt in my mind.”

    Rinse and repeat.

  3. Joey’s inability to carry on a debate, or any kind of conversation, is the result of his extremely limited relationship to the real world around him. He is simply unable to grasp any concept that doesn’t come through a nexus he recognizes, and there are very few of those. All I’ve seen lately are:

    — Ice cream
    — Sniffable children
    — Beau’s death
    — Imaginary relatives
    — That thing on his wrist that looks to me like a watch

  4. Oh, Joe WOULD take Donald out behind the woodshed, alright, because Donald would gladly go with him. But Joe wouldn’t emerge from there as his yellow and green guts get spread out all over the ground from a good stomping! A YUGE mess!

  5. That debate will never happen and in fact the way things are shaping up in the House, it looks like the Uniparty intends to keep DJT off the ballot.

    In other news, WRSA looks like they’ve gotten the ax from TPTB-too much noticing going on over there.

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