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Why Is Joe Biden Still President?

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The U.S. recently passed the 1 million mark for COVID-19 deaths, a grim milestone recognized with the lowering of flags to half staff around the country. More than 60% of those deaths have come during the bungling tenure of President Joe Biden, who said in a late-October 2020 debate with Donald Trump that the president should be kicked out of the White House because of how many had died from the virus on his watch. Based on his own standard, Biden should be back in his Delaware basement.

When asked at that debate how he’d “lead this country out of this crisis,” Biden responded with his usual “Big Guy” pomposity:

“220,000 Americans dead. You hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who … is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”

About three months later, Biden was inaugurated president. By early November 2021, Biden’s death toll had exceeded 332,000. The total for his 16 months in office is now about 600,000, even though vaccines have been available throughout his term and effective treatments arrived late last year.

Compare these numbers to the Trump presidency, during which 400,000 were killed by COVID in about a year, the majority before vaccines had been rolled out.

Though the Democrats and the press ghoulishly held Trump directly responsible for COVID deaths during his last year in office, we think it’s distasteful, and careless, to blame Biden for lives lost to the virus while he’s been president. There’s only so much a White House can do during a pandemic. read more

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  1. I am old enough to remember Arlington West, a show of flags planted in the sand at Santa Monica Pier every weekend after W invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, one for every soldier who died. They stopped doing it, suddenly, when a Democrat was elected president – although death rates INCREASED during 0’s tenure.

  2. Here’s the plan, as I see it.

    Presidential succession goes in this order:
    Vice President, Speaker of the House.

    First take the House this November and get a new Speaker to replace Pelosi. Then start impeachment proceedings against Biden (or 25th Amendment) and impeachment proceedings against Harris.

    I know it won’t work but a young man is prone to fanticize on a Saturday night.

    An old guy grumbles and schemes.

  3. Dan

    I’ve lived in SoCal most of the last 65 years. Samo has always been ‘American hating libersl. I am shocked, literally shocked, to hear dthe City allowed this.

    I also am shocked to find how ill informed about my arear i was; maybe still am!

    So I researched it – I am a skeptic. It was an anti war “memorial” run by liberal vets according to my research.


    I do not trues and do verify. WHICH IS WHY 16 YEARS AGO I KNEW THE MOST LiBERAL AMERICAN JUDGE WAS GWB’s JoHN ROBERTS. John was a left winger 18 years ago; as he is today.

  4. “There’s only so much a White House can do during a pandemic.”

    I & I, please…that’s the standard journo excuse for EVERYTHING with the Big Guy

    Don’t believe me? Just search “not much biden can do about”

    He’s totally limp-dick useless for anything, but it’s not his fault, it’s just bad luck and Trump and stuff, and he’s a Democrat, so he gets a Participation Trophy just for showing up somewhere occasionally. There’s your why, I& I.

    And the covid numbers are complete bullshit anyway, so don’t even bother trying to flail him with that wet noodle.

  5. Biden’s a puppet of Obama.
    The governors are the ones who shut things down, killed small business, weakened immune systems by implementing tyranny.
    Probably at the behest of Obama.

  6. “Why Is Joe Biden Still President?”

    He never was and never will be a legitimate President.

    You can’t take something from the Pedo that he never had a valid claim to in the FIRST place.

    Impeachment is for Presidents.

    Hanging is for traitors.

    Just saying.

  7. Obama mama forever, but you lose. Obama Hillary, Trump gone! But they All love ur support! UfO’s there are out there!

  8. “The U.S. recently passed the 1 million mark for COVID-19 deaths,…”
    You don’t really believe that, do you?

  9. “Why Is Joe Biden Still President?”




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