Why Women Hate Hillary Clinton

Women explain why they hate Hillary Clinton and aren’t going to vote for her for President. Please know that hating Hillary will not stop her. Voting for Donald Trump WILL. Start planning ahead now so you can get to the polls and #DrainTheSwamp.  © 2016 by Mark Dice

8 Comments on Why Women Hate Hillary Clinton

  1. Even in Venice Beach. That really says it all.

    * I tried 3 times to post this in the Bullpen but it kicked me out every time. Figured you guys must be getting tired of my shit. lol

  2. It is interesting to see if someone poses the question ‘why do you hate HRC’ no one goes to defend her. I really hope she loses big today.

  3. Oceanside, California for the win!!!!!

    All of his videos are filmed there. Recognize the commercial landmarks.

  4. leave for a few hours to harass democrats, come back and this whole comment section is upside down. WTH? You guys fckn with me?

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