Why You Should NOT Move to Florida! – IOTW Report

Why You Should NOT Move to Florida!

Here are all the reasons why you should NOT move to Florida!

10 Comments on Why You Should NOT Move to Florida!

  1. I would move to Florida in a heart beat however I’m not allowed to cross the boarder.
    My eldest sister and my really old parents have homes there.
    But me, no you scurvy old dog

  2. Oh how I wish the hoards of libscum would heed this warning.
    My lib dank sister and her husband are selling their home and moving “somewhere” in FL. Great, just great…two more blue votes 🤬🤬

    Shopping last week and a girl struck up a conversation (tick tick tick Joisey accent….like Marisa Tomei My Cousin Vinny tick…straight off the turnpike), so I asked when she moved to FL….
    “oh, during Covid” she said.
    I mentioned what a beautiful winter we’ve had this year, to which she replied “ooooh it’s been so cold”.
    GTFOutta here. You’re from the armpit Capital and already complaining. Take it back north honey….some of us have lived here for decades just to get away from your bitching and moaning.

  3. No moving to Florida where my social justice warrior sister-in-law lives. She who supported Jonathan Edwards and Killary Clinton with vast amounts of money. 7-times married loser.

  4. Two questions (only for the locals; don’t care what you read on The Internet):

    When the credit card(s) give out at the petrol pumps, can I legally(!) strap a train of palmetto bugs to the bumper? If I stay off the interstate(s)?

    If “we” re-re-take The Conch Republic (because DeSantis is too much a flaming Bolshevik!), can we expect somebody else to sink the bridge? Or will we have to do it “ourselves”?


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