Wilkinsburg H.S. Student Pours Gas On Security Guard

WILKINSBURG (KDKA/AP) – Emergency officials were called to Wilkinsburg High School after a student allegedly poured gasoline on a security guard.

According to emergency dispatchers, the incident happened around 9:30 a.m.

A spokesman for the school district says a 16-year-old female student attacked the security guard by pouring gasoline hidden inside a soda bottle.

“Parents have been notified via alert now which is our mass response system. We’re going to keep the apprised as much as we can,” Wilkinsburg School District Acting Superintendent Joseph Petrella said.

Wilkinsburg School District spokesman Pete Camarda says the school was evacuated Monday morning. He says officials are contacting parents of students in the seventh- through 12th- grade school in Pittsburgh’s eastern suburbs so they can be picked up.

The student was involved in a milk-throwing incident with the security guard on Friday. She was to be disciplined Monday morning.

Instead, she allegedly showed up with a 2-liter soda bottle filled with gasoline. When the guard told her she couldn’t bring it into school, the girl allegedly poured it on the guard.  more here

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  1. Damn, can’t tell the difference if she’s in prison or not by that pic.

    If not, she’s ready for cell block C. Got the tats, the attitude, attacking guards, etc.

  2. The comments on the CBS site are brutal. People are finally starting to wake up and call a spade a spade. PC is losing its power.

  3. There was a guy bothering a female pumping gas, black guy, attractive white female.
    The station was listening as the woman told him several times she wasn’t remotely interested in him. He then accused her of racism, and threatened violence.
    The young lady turned to replace the fuel nozzle and he stepped in the way. She sprayed him down and flicked her bic.
    Got in her car and drove away.
    Cops came to get her but they had talked to the station employees and she was never charged.
    Years later he was trying to play the sympathy card for his injures.
    Burned him pretty good.

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