Will Justin ‘BlackFace’ Trudeau be Canceled? ME TOO’d?

The Church of Woke may make excuses for Jussie, but will the voters?

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  1. Would someone please explain to me why it is a big deal to go to a costume party in black face? Cary Grant (or, as it turned out it wasn’t Cary Grant) had a fantastic ball costume in “To Catch a Thief.” I don’t recall anyone being upset by that. And who doesn’t love and know Aunt Jemima? She makes a great Halloween costume! I don’t get it.

  2. Look, let me explain something to you.

    WE are allowed to make fun of niggers, coons, bootlips, moon crickets, pavement apes, spics, beaners, wetbacks, Swedes, retards, aspies, slopes, slants, and chinks.

    YOU are not, because YOU are all racists.

  3. His father, we think, Dead Trudeau, had a NEP, National Energy Policy.
    It cost tens of thousands their homes, families and Livelihoods

    Justine Turd O, whose father has been speculated to be Fidel Castro offspring, has a NEP too, which will cost hundreds of thousands their homes, families, and livlihoods, referred to as NO EMPLOYMENT Past, BEST KNOWN AS A SUBSTITUTE DRAMA TEACHER

    Papa, either one, is a self admitted Communist. Mama, a known and self admitted Manic Depressive, although quite lovely for her 15 minutes, something he demonstrated well when a former legless soldier asked for help, Justine, basically said, no more money for you. We just gave $10.5 million to an ISIS fighter who had murdered an American & had released from GITMO.

    He inherited it all. Nothing but Ideology, angst, and a need to do nothing between those ears.

    Oh, to be a Republic, with an Electoral College, and two 5 year term limits, with no family repeats within 3 generations. Because REDISTRIBUTION is built into that Communist Manifesto – er – Canadian Constitution, taxation is very skewed, and horrendous. We pay bigger numbers for everything with his policies having virtually zero GDP growth and the USA at 3.65%, and of course, he tariffs everything he can get away with, much like California.

    Think of fishermen making 175,000 plus for a 2 month working year, then being allowed to take unemployment insurance. And Yes, there are Death Panels, and Free government sponsored abortions. Oh almost forgot, a province of pampered french speakers who think they have a special culture, having been conquered by the British in 1759, and whose offspring hid in the woods when it was their turn to go to war.

    The country is physically beautiful. In America, if people are racist, they do it to your face. In Canada, they stab you in the back, then say sorry when they are caught out.

  4. Why is IOTW like 11 spots town from the top of Googly when some obscure blockchain company are the first 10 searches? Yet when I use DDG IOTW is the first search site. Shocking I know. Fur you need to sue these assholes…

  5. It’s hilarious watching Trudeau at these big international meetings as he wonders about desperate to be acknowledged by world leaders and completely ignored. He’s as invisible as a child at a cocktail party. Hahaha

  6. It accentuates the ignorance and hypocrisy of the nihilists (totalitarians).

    They design some absurd notion (costume party = racist, for example) and then it bites em in the ass. That whole “cultural appropriation” bullshit only flows one way (another hypocrisy) and they see nothing wrong with negroes and hispanians dyeing their hair blond, but white guys who eat tacos are “racist” unless it’s one of their own calling himself “Beano.”

    It’s this manner of absurdity that throws countries and nations into particularly vicious wars. The imbecilities feed on themselves, since they have no substance (Globaloney Warming, for instance) and the demands of some small group to dominate the whole grow with each moronicism. Inter-National Socialism, National Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Green, izlam – all these weird, psychotic religions are proof – History is quite clear.

    The foolishness will increase – the absurd claims and psychotic manifestations will metastasize. Eventually they’ll just drool and scream profanities – which the media will attempt to convince us is “statesmanship.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Justin won’t get canceled because of all the support he has from Trump Haters™ that moved to Canada in early 2017. It’s also the same reason why domestic democrats won’t get enough votes in 2020.

    wait, what? They didn’t? But they were so adamant.

  8. I live in western Canada and will be spoiling my ballot in the federal election next month. Justin and the federal Liberal party he leads, has vilified myself and other conservatives because we question all the illegal “immigrants/refugees” which the Liberal party has allowed into the country and because we demand not only a balanced budget, but to start paying down the national debt. If this had been a Conservative caught wearing blackface, they would have been hounded off the national stage. It is only right that the Liberals be accountable for their transgressions as well.


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