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By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Wall Street Journal recently headlined the warning that California gas may be approaching $5 a gallon.   This is in part to their Carbon Tax and various carbon regulations — something that Oregon is mimicking.  Oregon already has the hidden gas tax (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) which drives up prices.   Oregon higher-than-national-average gas taxes also drive up prices.

This is why Oregon is among the higher gas price states according to AAA (6/1/2021). more here


  1. Even worse…Oregon is going to try and tax motorists on mileage, probably with a device plugged into your OBD port. Also trying to eliminate all fossil fuels by 2030 or 2035. The lunatics have taken over. I can’t get out of this state fast enough.

  2. This is another good reason I choose not not to visit Oregon or do any business there. I love the Wallowa valley and Cannon Beach but that’s not enough anymore for me to want to go there. Good job progtards, you killed me from wanting to even visit you, I’ll go to N. Idaho or parts of Western Montana instead for the scenery and more sane people living there. What would the pioneers who came over on the the Oregon trail in the 1800’s think of Oregon now?

  3. At this rate it’s going to be $5 a gallon everywhere by Christmas. They think this will force people into one of their “green” forms of transportation, when in reality it’s just going to kill the economy and jobs.

  4. In watching my motorcycle buddies on the tubes of You, one video shows a biker paying $4.71 in CA.

    I’m old enough to remember when oil was $140 and the highest price in my suburb of Shitcago sent gas prices to the highest level I’d ever seen here to $4.67.

    When oil is $140 again, my rough math says we’ll be looking at about $7.00. CA will be closer to $10.

    Enjoy taking it up the arse.

    I loaded up with oil stocks to protect myself when it was clear Jotato successfully stole the election. When democrats tell you to sell something and not buy it, in order to save the world, that’s your all clear indication to buy as much as you can.

  5. Just another way to “punish” those that work for a living.
    It also make Ethanol very profitable, spiking corn prices, beef prices, grocery prices, and transportation fees. But we have that good Iranian oil.
    Cargil, ADM, Agra-business making huge profits.

  6. Here in MO, our “conservative,” Republican-led State just voted to raise our fuel taxes. Filthy fukkin cocksuckers admitted that MODoT hasn’t been using the money properly to fix the roads and bridges, so they’re raising taxes (I guess) so that the maggots in MODoT won’t have to steal less – instead of passing legislation making it illegal to siphon off taxpayer money from State contracts. Pretty certain that everybody’s got a hand in it – ‘cept the humans, of course.

    Despicable – absolutely despicable. So, yeah, we’re on our way, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Tony R When I left Florence OR for good to move down here to Arizona my friends and family asked me how I could stand it down here. My reply was I can tolerate extreme heat a lot better than I can a state full of scum sucking liberal assholes! Now they are all saying I escaped just in the nick of time!

  8. I hope so.

    Then they can pat themselves on the back for being woke.

    And Who knows, If the price gets high enough they may have less Molotov Cocktail Peace Demonstrations.

  9. Here’s a dirty little secret that is being kept from you. Organic means diesel, lots and lots of diesel to handle the weeds by constant tilling of the rows of crops. My buddies cannot even recover the diesel costs even getting twice the prices from the organic


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