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Will the Republican Party Tell the GOP Base to Go Pound Sand?

TownHall| Kurt Schlichter

Who needs those icky rank-and-file Republican voters who ring the doorbells, make the calls, and write the checks? Not the Republican Party! At least that’s what some at the top of the party pyramid think. Some of this elite cabal is utterly disregarding what amounts to the base’s effective unanimity that current GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel needs to go away. After three terms of ignominious failure, she is pushing for a fourth go ‘round as the Republican National Committee (RNC) head honcho and, incredibly, a declining but still significant portion of the 168 committee members who will elect the new RNC Chair at a swank Cali retreat on January 27, 2023, are still behind her. Re-electing Ronna would be a raised middle finger to the base, prompting the base to return the favor. And the base has a lot more middle fingers.

I am backing super-lawyer and long-time RNC member Harmeet Dhillon. We need new blood. We need new ideas and energy. I say we need Harmeet – smart, savvy, and ready for reform. But we also need to make a statement that the GOP is going to hold its leaders accountable for failure not matter how much the party poohbahs want to avoid it. How do we fix this crumbling culture if we refuse to fix ourselves?

What is this elitist love of failure combined with a steadfast determination to ignore the will of the actual voters? It’s inexplicable – perhaps it is some form of insanity, with insanity being defined as doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result. Or perhaps they have a good faith belief that after five failed elections in a row Ronna is going to snap her losing streak, though she has not bothered to explain how she proposes to do that or what changes she intends to make. Of course, she does not intend to make any changes, but she will not tell us that because she won’t talk to us. While appearing with Steve Bannon, she explained that she has no intention of bothering to make her case to the GOP base. Instead, she insisted, she would focus her campaign on the 168 committee members.

Hear that, GOP base? You plebes should go cool your jets, wait for your betters to make their decision, and then obey. The woman who wants your blood, sweat and (far too many) tears – as well as your hard-earned cash – doesn’t want your input. MORE

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  1. I haven’t given them money in about 4 years.
    Doesn’t seem to bother them – they’re still a pack of traitors.
    Doesn’t stop them from begging, though.
    But not enough to make them support America.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I have too much respect and admiration for Harmeet to encourage her on such a fool’s errand. The GOP is a leaking rust bucket, rudderless, and laser-focused on stirring toward whatever rocky shoals lie on the horizon.

    She should not sully herself with the stench of McCarthy and McConnell, they are the problem and even she can’t fix that.

  3. I quit giving money to the RNC after the Dede Scozzafava debacle in a special election for NY 23rd district. I let them know in no uncertain terms and I haven’t heard back from them for 12 years now.

  4. Why not; AGAIN?
    They have done it hundreds of times the last 110 years! Read Barry’s , not well wrote, very informative book on the GOP first half 20th century CONSCIENCE OF A CONSERVATIVE. GOP “leaders” have been, for the most part, liberal liars since Teddy!

    It was almost 16 years ago that a mental defective leftist – NOT JOE – defending the dreadful crime rise caused by his brother’s “OPEN BORDERS” administration said, when a criminal alien rapes a 3 year old, “…its an act of love!”!

    Were not the Bush Clan telling us 16 years ago to “Go pound sand!”!?!@#$!?&

  5. I am a conservative first and not a Republican. I may vote for them as the lesser of two evils but that still doesn’t make me a Republican. God help us, the GOP especially the elites and the RINO’s with assistance from the democraps sure as hell won’t.

  6. I’ve never felt like I had a party. First the social issues, I’ve always been against killing babies, queers getting married, queers on my tv, now transgenders and mutilating children. I believe God should have never been kicked out of schools, courts, government buildings, etc. Economy, I’ve always been against massive spending, income tax, lifetime welfare, no budget, etc. I’m also against property taxes, but that’s a state issue. I’ve always been against politicians being allowed to give themselves raises, I’m against all of these dark groups, in favor of photo ID to vote, paper ballots and hand counting votes. I’m against any gun law, every gun law is a violation of the 2nd amendment.

    So there is no party that represents me. I mostly feel like a dinosaur.

  7. In many cases, the choices have been between the lesser of two evils.
    It turns out that the lesser evil is no different than the greater.
    Evil is Evil, it’s repeatedly proven in the Statehouse, US House, US Senate and the Presidency.

  8. Remember trailer park Bubba insulting all with his “I feel your pain” BS????

    Well these country club assholes NEED to feel OUR pain. Not talking just economics, but all the repression of too much government: over-regulation, nanny state surveilance, and the lying to us, oh, the lying. They all need to be unemployed until their pension and estates are withered away.


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