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Will This Time Be Different?

It doesn’t matter if the government “shuts down.”

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  1. The philosophy behind our Constitution is understood by a very small minority of people on planet Earth.

    I figure we’ll “come of age” again during the next 12,000 year cycle and maybe this time, more will get it.

  2. I was a Plumber in what was considered Excepted Service in the Legislative Branch spanning 36 years – we never shut down.

    Shutdowns are political ploys – theater – the money keeps rolling in.

    Close the Parks, for instance, but pay the guy to stand at the locked gate and turn people away while also making patrols to ensure that no one uses the Park surreptitiously.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I wish the motherf#cker would shut down permanently! Cork smokers need to vanish off the face of the earth! At least everyone in the executive, legislative and judicial branches including lobbyists and lawyers…..

  4. I asked a guy who does a lot of federal construction work back when it shut down under Obama and he was finishing up a project if it was going to delay his payment. He said nope, the government keeps on printing out those checks.
    All of the welfare folks kept on getting their money and foodstamps.


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