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Wind Industry Built On Lies & Runs On Subsidies

Principia Scientific:

The wind industry has been firmly attached the subsidy teat for more than 30 years. Talk about being competitive with conventional generators is patent nonsense: cut the subsidies and this so-called ‘industry’ would disappear in a heartbeat

Whether it’s in Western Victoria, South Australia or in the midwest of the USA, wind power is always and everywhere about massive and endless subsidies.

Janna Swanson and her husband, Paul, live in Clay County, Iowa and farm together in both Clay and Palo Alto Counties.

Janna is the president of the Coalition for Rural Property Rights, a large statewide grassroots group of farmers, residents and landowners standing against the onslaught of industrial wind in Iowa. more

13 Comments on Wind Industry Built On Lies & Runs On Subsidies

  1. The green part of green energy is the money in the politicians pockets.
    If green energy was the goal, the promotions would be for passive solar and geothermal.
    Passive solar would be real popular if they can figure out how to tax you for the sun.

  2. Duh.
    “Green Energy: The Scam that Keeps on Giving!”

    As long as there are morons who believe in perpetual motion, and lying, conniving politicians combined with lying, greedy businessmen, this type of moronic scam will continue.

    That there are idiots and greedy opportunists doesn’t surprise – what surprises is that We, the People of the United States, put up with these un-Constitutional seizures of our money for decades upon decades.

    The maggots in the FedGov have NO authority to steal from the taxpayers, much less to steal from the taxpayers on such flimsy bullshit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. A Diesel in the Shed.
    You can have your solar panels
                and your turbines on the hills;
    You can use the warmth of sunshine
                to reduce your heating bills.
    You can dream you’re self-sufficient
                as you weed your veggie bed;
    As long as you make sure to keep
                A diesel in the shed.

  4. Everything government is involved in, from the federal on down to the local level, is nothing but lies and illusion. The objective is no longer to deliver essential services efficiently, it is to sell them on the current thing. It’s a fucking scandal and a disgrace where this is going. Existing infrastructure is not preserved and maintained. Planning departments have staff falling over one another, each trying to be the next Greta Thunberg who comes up with the best scheme to expand government control into aspects of citizens lives they have no business in.

  5. I had a small mfg company back when “wind energy” was in it’s infancy. The people I made parts for got wealthy from “incentives” (and ripped me off) but never produced anything that worked for longer than it took to “justify” the “incentives”.

  6. F*ckers at MidAmerica in western Iowa are in the process of stealing my rural childhood home for a solar farm. When the executives and investors end up in Hell, I hope they’re all strapped to solar panels for eternity.


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