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Without CO2, You’re Dead

Mark Levin

…Furthermore, “we cannot effect the climate,” said Levin. There is no public policy that government can implement that will change the climate. The planet is too big, the natural order too complex for human beings to manipulate. It is arrogant to think otherwise.   [Listen @ Conservative Review]

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  1. Without hydrocarbons you’re dead. Care to live past 30 years old? Thank hydrocarbons. Enjoy food? Thank the farmer who runs his diesel equipment.

    I don’t know what you call it, but “climate change” is not proper English. It’s just climate. Stop using their words. Climate is, designed by nature and described by definition, something that changes. The opposite of “climate change” is what the left wants and what do you call that, climate not-change? It makes no sense.

    Can we stop the effects of climate? NO! But we can overcome and live with the current and future climate with the help of one of the greatest tools mankind was given: hydrocarbons.

    The very existence of your life depends on hydrocarbons at this very moment. Refuse someone energy who depends on it and you’ve killed that person. Literally.

  2. Mark Levin is a National Treasure.
    I wish he had a better venue in which to grab the national stage. But I think that’s more his not wanting to be so much in the ‘limelight’ & be in more in his element than try to be ‘entertainment’ for the willfully ignorant media.

    He & Ted Cruz would be an unstoppable force for restoring the Constitution in the US Justice System

  3. Want to bet humans can’t affect the climate? The government is totally f#cking things up by dispersing billions of tons of aluminum and barium into the atmosphere under the guise of “geoengineering”.

  4. You know what really bothers me? I do care about the environment. And the Globull Warming wackos are not only not helping to make the environment better, they are actually making it worse – directly, by their actions in building batteries and wind farms, etc., and indirectly, by diverting funds and resources from activities that would actually clean up the environment. And then they turn on me and say I don’t care.
    And then they fly to Austria to go skiing, smug because they drive a Tesla.

  5. Levin actually said: imagine what could be done if there were show without all the irritating libs and B.S. we have to put up with, even on Fox.
    He’s said something about a big announcement of what’s coming in January.
    We can hope.

  6. Conservation and conservative have the same root word
    Hunters and fishermen pay dearly for the tags and licenses which help manage the wilderness.
    The silver in solar panels costs more to extract than the silver is worth after the life of the panel, trapping the the resource permanently.
    Providing clean, cheap energy to developing countries has been a goal of Conservatives to help lift them out of poverty
    Denying clean cheap power to developing countries has been a goal of liberals to force them to use ‘sustainable’ methods

  7. I agree Left Coast Dan. I too care about the environment, animals, loss of Amazon forests, etc. The progs are totally screwing everything up, and not doing any good. They are very smug.

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