Woman faces federal charges after getting too close to Yellowstone grizzly bear

Just the News:

A woman who was briefly threatened by a grizzly bear is facing charges after reportedly violating a federal rule that forbids national park visitors from getting too close to wildlife.

The woman was attempting to snap a photograph of a grizzly bear and her cubs within Yellowstone National Park when the mother bear charged her, after which she quickly walked away.  more

20 Comments on Woman faces federal charges after getting too close to Yellowstone grizzly bear

  1. So glad our federal overlords know how to focus on important crimes like this. Stealing an election and peddling influence to the Chicoms is small potatoes compared to keeping Yogi safe.

  2. No, go again!

    But be sure to be taking a video with a phone in a very sturdy case next time.

  3. “…after which she quickly walked away…’

    ..which is hard to do with a pantload of poop. I could only shuffle myself…

  4. This seems like one of those problems that ought to take care of themselves. By all means, post signs telling people not to approach bears. Let them know that they will be responsible for all medical and/or funeral costs if they fail to comply.

  5. I kind of agree with it.

    The bears will get too used to getting near humans and eventually when something happens, they might put the bear down.

    Also Krunts like her also tend to be anti-hunting assholes who understand nothing about real wildlife. Send a message and get the lib-tards to spend some of their inherited money.

    Idiot Human visitors are what got Harambe Killed, not the zoo staff.

  6. Take all warning signs down! People that refuse to learn from stupid will eventually pass Darwin 101.


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