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Woman found living in grocery store’s rooftop sign

The woman was 34 and had a job. She’d decked out the space with a mini desk, flooring, pantry, and houseplant.

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  1. When arrested, the woman reported she was ready to move up to a larger place and had listed her ‘sign space’ on apartments dot com for $995 per month. “I think that’s a pretty good price, don’t you?” claimed the woman. “In this Biden economy, it’s a steal!” she said.

  2. That’s nothing. Our Saintation people set up a break room/nap room complete with air mattress, blanket, snacks, and battery powered lighting and TV in a 48″ x 48″ x 40″ cardboard box on a pallet on the third tier of a pallet rack they had to climb up the back of to get to. They did have it flapped on that side though so they didn’t have to climb in the top.

    Full disclosure; I had something similar in a large moving box once.

    In my parent’s house.

    When I was 5.

  3. Doesn’t appear to have been bothering anyone. Leave people who aren’t bothering anyone else the hell alone are good words to live by. Now she is going to be pestered by a bunch of Goddmned doo gooders looking for some innocent to virtue signal on.

  4. She’s currently the web editor of the Biden Admin White House and New York Times web sites as well as a number of other main stream media, Federal and State Agency web sites.


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