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Woman in pro-euthanasia ad said she DIDN’T want to die!


By Nancy Flanders
Live Action News

Jennyfer Hatch, the woman featured in the since-removed controversial pro-euthanasia ad by Canadian fashion giant La Maison Simons, said that she wanted to live but could not access or afford the care that would improve her quality of life. Canada did however, allow her the option to access death.

According to the Daily Mail, Hatch was chronically ill. In June, she spoke in an interview about “falling through the cracks” in her attempt to get treatment for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). EDS is a group of inherited disorders that affect a person’s connective tissues, namely the skin, joints, and blood vessel walls.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people with EDS are at risk for fatal ruptures of major blood vessels and some organs. Life expectancy with EDS depends on the type of EDS a person has, however, the median life expectancy is about 48 years old, meaning half of the patients will live beyond that age and half will die before that age. People with EDS deal with overly flexible joints that cause joint dislocations and early-onset arthritis, as well as fragile skin. Treatments include over-the-counter pain relievers and medications to help control blood pressure, as well as physical therapy.

Hatch was diagnosed with the condition just ten years ago. In June, using the pseudonym ‘Kat,’ she told CTV, “I thought, ‘Goodness, I feel like I’m falling through the cracks so if I’m not able to access health care am I then able to access death care?’ And that’s what led me to look into medical assistance in dying (MAID) and I applied last year.”

She complained about Canada’s health care system, saying, “Our health-care system is set up so it’s really bouncing the patient around treating symptom after symptom and not really addressing the underlying collagen issue. From a disability and financial perspective as well, I can’t afford the resources that would help improve my quality of life. Because of being locked in financially as well as geographically, it is far easier to let go than keep fighting.” MORE

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  1. It not what she wants, but it is what the Marxist/Satanists like Gates and Schwab want. They come right out and say such. Perhaps not in those words, but that is what they and Ezekiel Emanuel on down the line want. I think anyone who is paying attention can accept that by now.

    What many, or most, won’t accept is that all followers of the progressive political philosophy are all in on it as well. They live vicariously through the actions of those who are in position to implement the progressive agenda. They are bold narcists and self delusional in some cases, but just go on any of their websites or listen to them converse among themselves and it’s clear what they are fine with.

  2. Under a free market medical system she may not have been able to pay for what would be necessary to improve her quality of life.

    She would have been free to figure out how.

    Under the government medical system she had to take what they offered regardless of how bad it was.

    See the difference?

  3. Walter: You are so right. That is what people do not understand. In the US system if you don’t have insurance or if the insurance company says no, you can hold bake sales, find a benefactor, or any number of things. In Canada, if the government says no then you don’t get it. Period.

  4. I remember a P.J.O’Rourke article where he was quoting a Cuban on their fully socialized medicine:

    “The health care is free…and worth it. I can go to the doctor, but he can do nothing for me”.

    …it’s like that…

  5. …back in the day, palliative/hospice care wasn’t really a “thing”. Most trips to the doctor/hospital were directed towards trying to actually fix something to the extent it could be fixed, and while the doctors might have been less aggressive in their treatment of the elderly than they would be for a five year old, they at least made a pass at restoring some semblance of health. The closest they’d come to throwing up their hands was to say “we’ll make her as comfortable as we can and see if she gets better”, usually followed by fobbing the patent off on a nursing home that was billed as a ‘rehabilitation facility”. DNRs were coming into existence, but were not in any way standardized and were not terribly likely to be honored unless there was some verifiable pre-certification. We were taught to error on the side of life, as it was easier to justify helping someone live than letting them die.

    The reason being that not everyone who SAID another person wanted to die, necessarily had that person’s best interests at heart, and may well actively want them dead.

    People suck. Never forget that.

    …now, even in the States, my doctor’s office is wallpapered with posters about how selfish it is for you to keep on living and you should really talk to your doctor about your end-of-life options. Hospices are everywhere and will come to your house, while you may wait days or weeks for an actual doctor’s appointment. Most of the effective pain relief medicines are reserved for the dying, supposedly out of fear of addicting the living, but forcing people to live in constant pain may certainly drive them to suicide for relief.

    Hospice has its place, but these days its been put ahead of ameliorative therapies that could extend both quality and quantity of life, simply because its cheaper and easier. And it can get pretty sideways, like the time I got to watch a hospice basically starve and dehydrate someone else’s mother to death and complain to her son when she didn’t die quick enough since it was a 24 hour room; or the time the hospital kept injecting my brain-dead (literally, anoxic from an MI with his already CHF heart and down too long before the squad got to him) FIL with more and more morphine after they extubated him with family consent and then didn’t conveniently quit breathing on his own to make sure he DID stop; or when they blew outy Church brother’s lungs one after another with their bullshit COVID murder protocol and wouldn’t even let his WIFE comfort him as he died because, coof; or the time…

    …you get the idea.

    It’s always been something of an assembly line approach to anticipated death in medical facilities, and I’m no hairless innocent about the need for staff to keep professional distance from tragedy, but my GOD how they’ve bled most of the empathy and humanity out of the process in latter days, and invite people to view even THEMSELVES as mere inconveniences that on behalf of everyone else they would literally be better off dead.

    People used to fight for a loved one’s life.

    But Democrats have so cheapened it that they are more likely to fight over the scraps the dead left behind.

    Know that scene in the George C. Scott version of “Scrooge” where the undertaker and the maid discuss cash terms for Scrooge’s bed curtains even as his body lies in it still cooling?

    It’s like that.

    I’ve had to talk people out of suicide. When I was younger I had to BE talked out of suicide. Especially among the young minor problems can seem insurmountable, and the fact that it was generally a permanent solution to a temporary problem a common thread.

    Now, I fear, the old joke about suicide hotlines giving how-to tips is coming true.

    And they cut God out entirely.

    Your life was God’s to give, and it is for God to decide when its to be returned. God generally doesn’t like his prerogatives being usurped, and that may affect one’s eternal relationship with Him.

    But that is a private conversation that anyone contemplating such an action needs to have with their Creator. Whatever the results of that conversation is between that person and their Lord. Whether He says stay or you have suffered enough is between Him and His child.

    My fear is that State is placing itself in the seat of the Lord, as State inevitably does sooner or later.

    And State ALWAYS says “Die Already”.



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