Woman posing for selfie at Yellowstone injured by bison – IOTW Report

Woman posing for selfie at Yellowstone injured by bison

Yellowstone National Park officials are warning tourists to keep their distance after a bison flipped a woman into the air as she posed for a selfie with the massive beast.

HA HA nelson muntz

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  1. Sounds like a hip new bovine sport: human tossing.

    “Wow, Jerry, Nice one! You got that Canadian guy at LEAST ten feet up in the air!”

    If the bison ever figure out how to use shotguns, you’ll be hearing “PULL” just before launch.

    I’m guilty, though. My only visit to YNP found me mesmerized by the bison, wandering closer and closer as I took photos. My lady yelled out when I got within about 50 feet, “You’re too close.” I agreed and retreated with my eyes on the small herd.

    They ain’t Elsie, after all.

  2. My sister was born in the hospital in Mammoth. We lived in Gardiner, MT. Mom worked in the hospital and said I liked to hang out there when I was a toddler, says I was fascinated by the people that were brought in that had been brought in who had been worked over by bison or bears.

  3. That’s it exactly!!! Everything some idiots know is based on scifi and Disney. I’m sorry, call me evil, but I enjoy stories like these.

    Look at the object and judge the weight. Then ask yourself if you
    A. Can Fly
    B. Can You Go From 0 to 40 in 3 seconds
    C. Are You Crush Proof

    If any of those answers are NO…
    Eh, fuck it. Carry on! I can use the laughs. LOLOL

  4. When I was in high school a bunch of friends were hunting deer together on Fort Lewis. We wounded a pretty nice buck and it retreated into a thicket. We circumnavigated the thicket and could not find any blood trail leaving, jut the one entering…. We could also hear the buck, who was snortin’ and stomping and raising all sorts of hell.

    So since Ross was the most compact and would be able to get through all of the brush the rest of us sent Ross in to flush the buck out so we could finish him off.

    Ross emerged a few minutes later…. about ten feet above the top of the six foot tall brush, did a couple somersaults and then promptly returned the brier patch. The sounds Ross was making at that point would have made a banshee proud and so at that point we through caution to the wind and gang rushed toward the source of the sounds of Ross screaming “hep me, hep me” beneath snapping branches and stomping hooves.

    When the shootin’ stopped the buck had one antler blown completely off and his hide looked like a lace doily.

    Ross was a very luck teenager, his buddies rushed him about a half mile to Madigan Hospital where he was taken straight into surgery and KO’d for a couple hours while some of the most experienced surgeons in treating battle field injuries patched up his lacerated scalp, a couple broken ribs and a punctured lung.

    After seeing what a two-hundred fifty lb blacktail buck can do to a person, I can only imagine what a bison is capable of.

    Here’s a video of a bison taking it to a wolf:

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