Woman Stabbed By Husband After Remark About the Size of His Cucumber


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Suman Vaz, 38, is said to have been cutting a cucumber in her kitchen while husband Ganpat chopped vegetables, CEN reports.

Friendly jibes about his cooking skills soon turned sour when Suman is alleged to have cracked a joke about his manhood, sending the 40-year-old into a fit of rage.


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  1. Guess it is a good thing they were not stuffing sausages and she asked to put a little more filling in his…

  2. Can’t really relate to his situation. Never happened to me, but if she was not worried about her guts falling out every time she stands up… I guess what I have has been adequate.

    I can sympathize though. A “worn out old sock” has never done it for me either.

    I remember one time, way back before I was married… something I fantasized about…you guys know the drill. Put a lot of effort into it and then…

  3. What the hell, you would have to tie a bale of straw to your ass just to keep from falling in. OMG, you waited months for this??? This really isn’t funny. You schemed, you wined and dined and then the day of your dreams arrived…and… WTF Homer Simpson? This Goddamned thing is worn the hell out.

    I can imaging the frustration any woman feels in a comparable situation. You were coy, you came up with the most devious scheme to finally get the pounding you have only read about in your romance novel and what the hell, no what the fuck, I have been cheated out of a romance novel level wanger? I want, no demand, a refund!

  4. What would have happened in a Muslim country? She would have been stabbed, then stoned and he would have got off scot-free.

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