Woman’s Husband Refuses To Help Her With Anything Until She Starts Paying Half Of His Truck Payments – IOTW Report

Woman’s Husband Refuses To Help Her With Anything Until She Starts Paying Half Of His Truck Payments

Twisted Sifter: Marriages are supposed to be a partnership, but for some couples, it seems a lot more like a game of chess!

They’re more concerned about proving their point to their spouse than they are coming to a conclusion, so every little thing that happens becomes contentious.

It’s like the couples you talk to that can’t help but fight or correct each other in the middle of a conversation, to the point where you started wondering why they even got together in the first place!

And a golden example is this user, whose husband refused to help her with anything, even household chores, until she agreed to split his truck payments with him! Check it out!

15 Comments on Woman’s Husband Refuses To Help Her With Anything Until She Starts Paying Half Of His Truck Payments

  1. Heard about her “emotional support animal” and how she’s decorating the guest room, and selling “her” desk — but nothing about who cares for their child, who pays the household bills, who cleans, who cooks — or whether they even eat together, who works outside the home…

    I suspect he’s out of there soon.

  2. I’ve mentioned before that if you are appealing to total strangers for moral clarity, you got bigger problems than who should pay for what.

    I’ve also noticed that 99% of these AITAH, Dear Abbey, Miss Manners et al appeals come from women, I wonder why that is? Do they doubt their own personal resolve? Are they too emotional? Too Solipsistic?

  3. OMG MJA, this is actually a great post. It illustrates how little in common men my age have with this little whipper snapper. First off, no one drives my truck, so I’ll pay for it. I have the testicles, I’m the bread winner. If I made a mess I’ll clean it up myself. (I just read the wife that comment and she laughed and said, yea right) 4th of all, I’ll bet she owns a strap on and uses it 4 times a week. On him. I know there’s a few here that are supported by their wives. But that’s not reality.
    They’re not going to make it. Marriage is a struggle. And you need to be on the same team to win.

  4. Will she help me too? Billy Butt Whinner, tanks. I busted a taillight, was only $1500 to fix gotta love new technology, right?
    Next time, f the sensors f the camera, I’m going unplugged from tech. F all new crap, it’s all a scam.

  5. He’s a narcissist and she’s a little needy and in denial she wants a traditional marriage. The therapy pet won’t help this marriage. He’s not trying and she’s got issues he doesn’t care about. Not seeing them married for much longer.

  6. First off, they are the same age. It’s better if the man is at least a few years older than his wife. Not because a woman needs a daddy/husband, but because a man takes longer to mature than a woman. The guy has some growing up to do here.

    Second, a marriage should not be split down rhe middle. You’re either all in together, or you’re just roommates. Duplex marriages, as a rule, don’t last.


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