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“Journalist” Caught in IDF Airstrike Loses a Leg


Seven journalists were among the wounded after Israeli forces struck a refugee camp in Gaza, CNN reported on Friday.

Among the wounded was cameraman Sami Shehada, who works for the Turkish state broadcaster TRT as a cameraman. Shehada lost a leg in the strike on the Nuseirat refugee camp.

CNN stringer Mohammad Al-Sawalhi was also wounded in the attack. He received a hand injury from shrapnel. More

It’s a battleground not a playground. – Dr. Tar

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  1. So F#cking What.

    Release the Hostages!

    And Iran is using all the Obumma/Biden Aid tonight by launching Drones & Cruise missiles at Israel.

  2. Face it. Turkey is a Mooslem Country. Why our state department treats them with any kind of respect is beyond me. We use to lose military contracts to Turkey for pennies on the dollar. That stopped at the end of the first year of Trump and thankfully hasn’t restarted again. Plus Turkish men are generally obnoxious and smelly.

  3. Welllll, that’s not all. We scrambled F15s to shoot down drones. The UK scrambled what ever piece of shit they fly. So now the mullas, mullaws, mulaws, what ever, have declared a fatty wa against us. Translation, they just activated all the sleeper cells here in the good ole FUSA. Our very own Gay FBI director is issuing travel warning like they’re free. Weird.
    Seriously, most of these things quickly evaporate. This time around I’m thinking this is a good time to get small. No travel, no mall, avoid all large gatherings. Just in case ya understand. We do know they are here. In spades. Thanks Joe.

  4. Next, what the hell were you thinking? Muslims don’t care who loses what. They hate everything & everyone who is not a Muslim.
    Death to all, they have zero value on anyone’s life. Crude barbaric religion that needs to be delt with total annihilation.

  5. @Brad


    I advise everyone to avoid sports and large-scale entertainment events, like the ones with Abigail Swifter (can’t remember her name right now). There was a movie in the 1970’s about a terrorist attack at the Super Bowl.

    The terrorists know how much the US loves its sports and other entertainments. They’ll hit some stadium or arena that is packed with spectators. It’s just a matter of time.

  6. Tim Buktu

    By all means, you’ve got rocks in your noggin if you plan on attending the Super Bowl. However, It took them years and a lot of infrastructure to plan 911. Even if we helped. They’ve since discovered they can create just as much terror on a small scale. Like today, they just love shopping malls. And their targets will be white and maternal. Their after what we hold most precious. If the biggest event in your small town is the farmers market, I’d think twice. How many of them are here? I’m thinking all that wanted to get here. Have we ever heard of HMS or the Border Patrol denying entrance to anybody? I have not. And that doesn’t account for all the killers that avoided BP by cammoing up and crossing the desert.
    Is this all being orchestrated by the coup? Peeps have been saying for a while they will cause an event and call martial law. Are they losing so badly they decided to pull the pin early?
    I guess job 1 is keep your family safe. So if you don’t carry maybe it’s a good time to start.

  7. Mediaite blows chunks. A week ago I commented on an uncomfortable truth, instead of replying or just downvoting me, they immediately bomb the comment with spam reports so it’s removed. De facto censorship.

  8. @Brad

    I’ve been waiting 6 months for a carry permit from the OC Sherrif. My intention is to carry if I go into dangerous spots. But first, I want to avoid bad areas and people if I can recognize them.

    With the carry permit, I think there is some skullduggery going on with California’s government. It would not surprise me one bit if it issued an order to the Sheriffs to stop giving out the permits. I think I heard either a rumor to that effect or a news item late last year.

  9. @Brad

    On a small scale, absolutely. How would Americans feel if there was a terrorist attack in Idaho Falls ID or Bismarck ND or Bangor ME. Many of us, maybe all, would conclude that it can happen in out of the way small or medium sized towns and nowhere is safe from terrorism.

    They could hit us where we might not expect it and such places may not have enough trained and armed personnel to counteract it.

    America is no longer the mostly safe “Leave It To Beaver” world we grew up in.

  10. PS

    I would suggest you pull up that last link I sent to you and find a popular instructor. Call them and ask the WTF? The may be able to help. My ccw guy has a lot of pull in my county.

  11. The Palestinians claim the country of Israel is their country.

    However, the British government administered Palestine for a couple of decades prior to 1948. Palestine was never a country, but rather a territory controlled by other powers going way back to the Roman occupation. If the area you live in is controlled by a foreign entity, you ain’t got a country there, Mister.

    In modern times, the area was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, then the British Empire and since 1948 it has been divided into Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip (Wikipedia). The Palestinians could stop multiplying so much and live in peace in Gaza and the West Bank. I guess that is too difficult for them. I remember the Israelis even offered to build communication links (Highway, maybe a railroad) from Gaza to the West Bank for the ingrates.

    Who the hell are the Palis to say that people from other parts of the world, like the Jewish people from Europe are interlopers who stole their land? They also say the Holocaust was an European problem and never should have involved the Arab/Palestinian people. The Holocaust is maybe the worst tragedy in history that every person should study in hopes it will never happen again. A territory belonging to nobody in particular can expect settlers from other areas of the world. It’s been that way for thousands of years.

    If the Palestinians overcome the Israelis, not a likely scenario thank God, I think we can expect a second Holocaust. The hate is too ugly and too strong.

  12. What’s the big deal. A Muslim “journalist” losing a leg because of an IDF strike is a jihad version of a badge of honor. He’s probably fine with the sacrifice for the “cause” and bragging about it.

  13. Great comments, Al Bebak. Exactly. Since the time of David, a bunch of feral, barbarian nomadic tribes that make up “Palestine” have been a thorn in the side of that region of the Middle East.

    The solution was to limit their territory and control their damage to the region. Mostly decided by Muslim countries in the area to the detriment to Israel. Obviously, the plan was doomed to fail early on. There may have been rumbling of trouble even before Israel established nationhood.

    It seems early indications that terrorism would take root in Palestine, and become a deadly threat to Israel was not taken seriously enough by the West. The placid response by Israel’s allies concerning the constant attacks by Palestine against Israel isn’t anything new.

  14. Sami Shehada – if he has any athletic abilities at all, he could take up soccer as a pastime to help him get over his loss of a leg.

    A one-legged soccer player would be an inspiration to the entire world. CNN, MSNBC, CBC, etc., would write puff pieces about the “Heroic” and “Beloved” one-legged Turkish soccer star Sami who overcame a severe disability of losing a leg.

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