‘World’s tallest woman’ dies aged 77 after 7ft3 basketball player became global star – IOTW Report

‘World’s tallest woman’ dies aged 77 after 7ft3 basketball player became global star

The US Sun: One of the world’s tallest women has died in hospital aged 77 after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Maria Feliciana dos Santos grew to the astonishing height of 7 feet 3.8 inches in her early twenties – snatching the world record, before shrinking as she got older.

Relatives a the former singer and basketball player confirmed overnight she had died yesterday at a private hospital in Aracaju, the capital of Sergipe state on Brazil’s northeast coast.

For many years, Maria held the the title of the world’s tallest woman but sadly lost some of her shocking height in later years.

The world’s tallest woman living right now, Turkey’s Rumeysa Gelgi, measures 7 feet 0.71 inches – still inches off Maria’s height record.

The pensioner, who had been battling health problems for years, became a household name in her native country after an incredible period of growth during her late teens. more

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  1. The hormone snafu that results in that kind of extreme growth usually also brings on an early death. This lady did very well for herself to get all the way up to 77! Well done, Maria Feliciana. May you RIP.

  2. The tallest woman that I ever saw was about 6 ft. 11 inches tall and worked as a registered nurse at a care center in Cheney, Washington. She wasn’t bad looking but she was extremely tall for a woman. I saw her a few times when I made deliveries there. I’m 6 ft. 1 inches tall and she towered over me.

  3. Dated a gal that was 6’2″ in my younger days. I was 5’9″ at the time. Didn’t bother me a bit and she was an extremely attractive woman. Asked her once why she was with me and she honestly told me she was seldom asked out which she attributed to her height which seemed to intimidate men. We got along great but she ended up moving across the country to Seattle to care for her sick mother. Kept in touch for many years but eventually we lost contact.

  4. My late wife was about 5 ft. 10 inches tall which was tall enough for me. She was an excellent athlete in women’s basketball as well as a catcher on a woman’s softball team who went to the National women’s playoffs in Houston one year. She even coached a Jr. High school girls’ basketball team for a while and was an excellent swimmer as well. I’m very lucky as well as my kids are that I married her.


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