Yes, 2020 Dems say they want to raise taxes on the middle class

Epoch Times:

2020 Democratic Candidates Answer Question About Raising Middle Class Taxes to Pay for Healthcare

Democratic candidates for 2020 presidential election said they would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for their healthcare proposals during the first night of a two-night debate on July 30.

Many declined to answer yes or no, and instead opted for longer answers.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) declined to answer directly, saying the “total costs” would go down. She later said that companies don’t have a “God-given right” to deny access to healthcare and added that hospitals are weighed down by a bureaucracy perpetuated by insurance companies.

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that it’s a distinction without a difference, indicating people would pay higher taxes but would pay less for health care when they’re doing the opposite right now. He said he didn’t mind being called a socialist and that the label wouldn’t affect his policy proposals.

Author Marianne Williamson said that she would fight for healthcare but was cut off by moderator Jake Tapper. more here

8 Comments on Yes, 2020 Dems say they want to raise taxes on the middle class

  1. Of course your taxes must be raised because ORANGEMANBAD will lower your taxes if he gets the chance and ORANGEMANBAD.

  2. Despite the best efforts of your President I suspect that America will begin to run out of the “middle class” and when that cash cow gets slaughtered by the left watch out for the oncoming mayhem.

  3. If you earn a living and you manage to make enough to put some of it away then you’re making too much. Until you’re completely broke you won’t surrender that stubborn independent streak and comply with the government’s overbearing directives.
    Smothering taxation will bring you to heel so that the government can provide you with your minimum daily needs. Then they can share what you so selfishly hoarded for yourself with those that deserve it.

  4. I would like to raise the noose height for Libtard DildoCrat politicians & bureaucrats.

    Politician realignment kit. Noose, tall tree/lamppost, Libtard politician/bureaucrat; some assembly required.


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