Yes, The Wall Is Being Built

The Lid: A couple of weeks ago, if memory serves correctly, a major conservative publication reported that no new border construction had been completed. This is a total lie. I actually spent a lot of time trying to find the article but it was to no avail. I remember the word “awkward” was in the title, as in “Well This is Awkward…”

But thanks to Google’s blocking of conservative news sites, I may never find the article again. Still, sometimes things stick in my craw and today I am going to set the lies straight.

I found a YouTube playlist created by “Patriot Fire”  that details some of the new construction. Patriot Fire took a road trip to visit the fence building sites.

Here are 5 videos that highlight some of the most recent construction:

10 Comments on Yes, The Wall Is Being Built

  1. El Presidente is like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill of Demonrat resistance. No matter how many times or ways the demons roll the stone back down Trumpus Maximus just sets his shoulders and rolls it back up.

    The fact that this billionaire showman took up the burden out of sacrificial love for us and his country still amazes me.

    God protect and shield him as he fights against the forces of rhe Great Deceiver of Darkness…

  2. Obama’s “fence” is more like a border marker. It keeps nothing in or out.

    If someone tears down an old tool shed and builds a large house or office building on the plot, would that be a “replacement” structure?

  3. As long as they can call it a fence, they will call President Trump a liar because he said he would build a “wall”. I’ve seen photos of the existing border fence. Pathetic. Dopers around here have better fences protecting their weed crops.


  4. 0bozo’s “wall” looks like the base for a picnic table.

    ‘Welcome, amigos, come sit, eat. Everything’s free here!”


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