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Yet another ‘anecdote’ about an illegal immigrant

Howie Carr: When President Trump tweeted yesterday about illegal immigrant criminals “infesting” America, perhaps he was thinking of Patricia Pimentel.

Because this woman checks all sorts of boxes that the president was referring to:

Illegal? Check. Alleged heroin dealer? Check. Applied for “Dreamer” status? Check. Lives in Lawrence? Check. Claims she barely speaks English? Check. Has filed a civil suit against some governmental agency? Check.

Pimentel was arrested last week by the Tewksbury police and charged with trafficking in heroin. According to the police report, an undercover cop paid her $660 for three “fingers” of heroin.” When she met the cop, “she put the heroin inside of the baby formula container which was in the white plastic bag.”

To paraphrase George W. Bush, she was only selling the heroin Americans couldn’t be bothered selling.  more

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