‘YOU WILL SIT!” Joe Biden Follows Written Orders – IOTW Report

‘YOU WILL SIT!” Joe Biden Follows Written Orders

81 million votes!

Biden accidentally CAUGHT again taking list of commands from his handlers like a puppy:

“YOU… will take a photo”

“YOU will sit”

“YOU will deliver opening remarks”

16 Comments on ‘YOU WILL SIT!” Joe Biden Follows Written Orders

  1. Do his handlers rub his nose in the poop to house train him?….I hope they have to start using a shock collar on him…

  2. Picture if you will (Rod Serling voice), How far down the evolutionary scale that you need to be to use a list like that?….Sea Horse?…Drool Monkey?….Tennis shoe bacteria?….

  3. If only somebody, anybody, would reproach Potatohead with a rolled up newspaper.
    Alot of poor abused Ukranians yoots might live to see the New Year……

  4. Do his handlers give joey an extra scoop of ice cream or tapioca pudding if he’s obedient and sits on command like a dog would for a milk bone? Bark, joey bark, now be a good boy and rollover and fake like you’re playing dead and stay there until we tell you nappy time is over.

  5. These sound like cues for an auto electronic robot that Disney used to use. in the Hall of Presidents or some such ride or other. CGI anyone? is it live or memorex?

    who knows anymore? Maybe even Dr. Jill is a figment of George Soros and that other guy Klaus von Scubber clown.

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