Young, dumb teenage girls form doomsday cult to fight ‘global warming’

American Thinker: The bestselling computer game of 2018 is called Far Cry 5.  It features a militant doomsday cult that takes over parts of America and tries to forcibly convince everyone that the world is about to end.  That could never happen for real in America, could it?

In a related story, a group of mostly teenage girls have formed a group with the doomsday-ish name “Zero Hour” because of their conviction that global warming is soon to destroy the world.  Do you think it’s too much to compare them to the militants in Far Cry 5?  Here’s a quote from their manifesto:

The elected officials must comply with the demands of the youth, therefore they must pass and enforce legislation and support policies that protect life and our future on this planet. This is a revolution.

“Demands.”  “Revolution.”  That sounds pretty militant to me.

Their leader is a 16-year-old named Jamie Margolin, in my opinion, a militantly brainwashed doomsday leftist.

She may seem young, but never forget that many of the Red Guards in Mao’s China who committed unspeakable atrocities were young, too.  She looks grim in all her photos.  But, to be fair, would you be smiling if you thought the world was about to end?  more here

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11 Comments on Young, dumb teenage girls form doomsday cult to fight ‘global warming’

  1. Gotta admit I’m rooting for GW and a controlled burn to eradicate these nitwits.

    Of course if she’d bother to read recent court cases and scientific literature, she’d realize the tide is turning on the GW cult. I believe they call that waning.

  2. Give me a week with these girls and I’ll have their heads shaved and swastikas carved into their foreheads.

  3. From their manifesto: “11. Protect Queer and Transsexuals from the sexual violence caused by fossil fuel industries”. Umm, where do those idiots think the tranny’s get their lube? Sounds to me like the petroleum industry is facilitating the transsexual sexuality.

  4. Someone needs to point out to them that everytime they breathe the create the deadly greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Better stop doing that.

  5. They forgot to mention how global warming caused the Jolly Green Giant to wilt and die. Tragic.

  6. She’ll have many years in prison to further develop her theories.

    Although anyone that fringe will likely opt for the Robin Williams route.

  7. The face of the vast worldwide “VAGENDA of HATE”.

    Thank God for the Patriarchy to keep the Vagenda in check.

  8. Tell you what, dears,

    There’s so many manifestos around. When you all get an ISIS level body count — that’s just JV stuff, you know — I’ll give yours a read.


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