Ah, Christmas Memories…

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  1. ‘Throw one in the fireplace’
    The child or the box?
    Never mind I don’t have a fireplace or children they are very old now.

  2. What? Waste good wrapping paper and boxes?

    My parents had a quicker, more practical, and much less expensive alternative when I misbehaved.

  3. Raised in a foster home with people old enough to be grandparents who were old school – razor strap city.

    Yes, sir, No, sir. Ma’am. Please. Thank You.
    Children should be seen and not heard. No living room. 1 hour of TV a day.

    Christmas was one gift – purchased in a shopping trip in advance.

    Chores (feeding 5,000 chickens) before & after school.

    Childhood sucked – no wonder I went in the Navy as soon as I was old enough.

  4. No longer have wee ones at home, but this idea has 2 applications. Wrap empties in various shapes & sizes adorned w beautiful paper & ribbons, strategically placed daily under the tree to my husband.
    This guilts him into buying me more gifts to keep up. Imagine the look of surprise on Christmas morning 😉🎁🎁🎁🎁😉

  5. We get some of the Ms. Hans’ used socks + underwear (Mrs. Hans washes the clothes don’t you know) and wrap some of them up as gags. One wear it was a bung of dish cloths with a note about “your turn to do the dishes!”

    Wouldn’t ever think of linking any punishment with Christmas because I’m still making up for those lost a long time ago. I’m usually very grateful at Christmas time.

  6. My wife wanted to go to a tree farm and cut down a Christmas Tree. I’m all for cutting down trees, so I loaded up the Stihl and off we went. We get there and the place is filled with bearded soy boys wearing Ralph Lauren plaid shirts. I thought it was a gay bar at first, then I noticed they were carrying bow saws. Oh hell no!

    A few questions later, I was told I cannot run my power saw on the property. Something about scaring others and disturbing their experience cutting down a tree. Yeah, no shit, the place is full of fruits posing for Christmas card pictures! Boy, you want anything for Christmas, get up under that tree and start sawing! What do you mean it’s hard? Cut that fcuking tree down or I’ll take away the Jeep! I don’t fart around with bow saws when there’s a perfectly good Stihl available.

  7. What punishment I received was generally well earned, never associated with Christmas or the annual socks, underwear, t-shirt and new shoes that were waiting under the Christmas tree.

    I would trade everything I have accumulated over my life to have one more whippin’….. just to see my Dad and tell him again how grateful I am for his guidance, discipline and love.

  8. Lazlo’s Pappy would generally hand out thrashings for infractions
    Lazlo’s Sainted Mother would crack you with a wooden spoon

  9. Dad died when I was 10 and my sister was 14. Mama was determined for usnot to go the wrong way. She was only about 4’10” tops,but was real handy with a pancake turner or wooden spoon – whatever was handy. We were quite poor, so Christmas presents were usually an article of clothing from Goldblatt’s.


    🎄 My dad said I might get a puppy for Christmas. Then he hinted it might be in the big box, but don’t shake it. So finally Christmas came and I was so excited, and my dad asked if I had been putting in kibble through the hole in the side of the box so the puppy could eat. I didn’t even know there was a hole so I said I hadn’t. My father got angry and said the puppy may not even be alive anymore, so I furiously opened the box, and sure enough, there was dead puppy in it.

    🎄 My father picked it up and said, “Don’t worry, I found this on the side of the road, you didn’t kill your puppy. I just wanted to teach you a lesson about responsibility.”

    🎄 I cried and shouted he was the worst father ever. Then shouted back “I’m not your father at all! You were ADOPTED!”
    Everyone gasped and stared at me. I ran up to my room and cried.

    And the courts wonder why I beat my kids?

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