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Chronic Wasting Disease Spreading Through South Wisconsn Deer Population


With recent claims that Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is affecting up to half the buck and thirty percent of does in Southern counties, Wisconsin is facing a crisis in deer management that will soon decimate the entire herd.  The state DNR has known of the prion disease since the 1980s but has done a lousy job monitoring, much less managing, the spread.


The view from Michigan Here

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  1. The DNR’s are all doing a shit job because they are all academics in overbloated bureaucracy’s..They still haven’t closed off the Great Lakes from the Asian Carp..The Great Lakes are infested with invaders.

  2. That’s gonna ruin a lot of trophy mounts.

    Arkansas Game & Fish says:
    “Biologists require a minimum of the deer’s head with 8 inches of neck attached to remove the tissue needed for the test.”
    But the test is voluntary.

    There were 94 cases reported in September in Newton County, AR, where I like to hunt, and about 10 other cases in surrounding counties.

  3. The WI. DNR has been fighting this for a decade or longer.

    It turns out THEY were the ones who accidentally introduced the disease when some of THEIR confined/contaminated deer escaped a research lab compound.

  4. I get bothered by the misuse of decimate. It’s been so misused people hardly know the real meaning of it any more.

    “The disease is approaching 50% prevalence in bucks and 30% in does in parts of southern Wisconsin, according to data provided by the Department of Natural Resources.”

    That’s way more than 10%, no matter how you slice it.

    If you’re going to look up decimate, don’t rely on anything from wikipedia for a source of information. It’s more of a bell-weather for what people think something is now days instead of a definitive source of information.

    Decimate and decade are related to 10 for the exact same reason. No other number. Would you use decade for any other number than 10? If so, you’re a dumb ass.

    Yeah, I’m in a pissy mood until I see Trump wins even with all the corruption going on. Tired of bs.

    /Rant off

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