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Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers

from Powdered Wig Society

Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centers to the groundsweden

The Swedes have had it with the Muslim invasion currently underway in their country. Nine refugee centers have been burnt to the ground to get the message across – NO MORE MUSLIMS!

From Jews News

Refugee centers in Sweden are being burned to the ground in what appears to be a statement against the significant number of refugees the country has allowed in. The multiple arsons have all been at facilities whichhouse or are slated to house immigrants.

One could say that someone in Sweden is mad as hell and bringing fire and brimstone to the facilities that are to be used for refugees. Seven arson fires have occurred, all of which seem to be connected with immigrant centers.

Two more shelters intended for refugees went up in flames in Sweden, continuing a recent series arson of attacks that police believe are directed against arriving asylum seekers amidst the migrant crisis in Europe.


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  1. Welcome to hell Europe, soon enough America will join you. Never bought into the whole conspiracy of one world order, but I am inclined to now believe in one world disorder. Brace yourselves my friends, grab a drink and view it as entertainment. To view it as entertainment is the only way I will keep my head and heart from exploding.

  2. The muzzies have got the rape part covered and now they are going to reap the whirlwind if those Vicking bastads can get their ‘pilage and destroy’ moxie going.

    Demographicly speaking there are enough Vicking bastards left.

  3. Light ’em up.

    You know, I was talking to my Mom today about what’s happening in Germany (she’s Deutsch). My sister, her husband and their children live there still. She told me she wouldn’t go back to Germany ever again. It’s gone as far as she’s concerned.

    So, hell yeah. Light ’em up.

  4. Swedes are not Vikings and have sat outmost wars since the late 19th century. That there appears to now be an organized resistance is BIG NEWS for Europe but please do not think that this was not the anticipated outcome by the NWO. We will now see Europe’s military turned against it’s citizens. We will see an EU Army as well as a UN Peace Keeping Force (Muslim)

  5. Now they just need the Pied Piper of Stockholm to drive the muzlim rats out of the country all together! This is hardly a “civil” war. These people are fighting a muzlim islamo-nazi invasion. There’s nothing civil about it and there’s nothing civil about muzlims and their relentless pursuit of world conquest and domination! Drive ’em out or kill ’em, but never lose sight of the fact that this in fact is a war on the West that the feel-good, phoney-baloney, plastic banana, liberal snowflakes haven’t grasped yet (and probably never will). Meanwhile the Communist Goerge Soros Progressives are nodding their collective heads in approval and patting each other on the back!

  6. It infuriates me that people who dedicated to protecting their nation are labeled “far right” by the press and media (I expect it from lying liberals).

    Was every Allied soldier in WWII “far right”? I thought they were defending democracy.

  7. If you’re going to “Term Limit” the politicians then you need to terminate the complicit media too. Otherwise, you lose big time no matter what you do.

    One may have a good argument to say they have played a bigger role. The role of keeping the masses from acting and voting in their best interests.

  8. As to where they will go…
    Go the hell back to whatever craphole you slithered out of.
    Back to the sand and car bombs.
    This ground is civilized They should help them along with some prodding, as with actual prods. The cattle kind.

  9. The Finns, Sweden’s kissing cousins, invented the Molotov cocktail. They didn’t actually ‘invent’ it but used it most evffectively and gave it the popular name, Molotov was the name of Russia’s foreign minister.

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