Electric Bikes

November 30, 2015 BFH 9

Magnum sent this in, worried that I wouldn’t post it because “I hate bikes.” I love bikes. I hate bike riders. Electric bikes are actually not that annoying because they [Read More]

Escape Rooms

November 30, 2015 BFH 12

I just saw this concept on Impractical Jokers. Every episode ends with one of the Jokers receiving a punishment for having lost the individual challenges of the show. Last night [Read More]

Leftist’s Obsession With Melanin

November 30, 2015 BFH 21

Swedish leftists looked up one day and saw a country filled with white Swedish people. Like a vapid Hollywood starlet, BureauSwedes decided they needed some more “color” clinging to them on [Read More]

“You can’t afford that”

November 30, 2015 MJA 15

While in Paris for the Cops21 climate change summit, President Obama took some time off to enjoy a fancy meal at L’Ambroisie with French President Hollande… Story – Breitbart  

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