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13 Year-old Sues North Carolina Seeking To Reduce Carbon

Climate change is something that a 13 year-old, predictably, can be passionate about. Next week she will petition the court to look into closet monsters.

Happily, the judge threw it out.

A judge has ruled against a 13-year-old who took North Carolina to court over climate change.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports Hallie Turner learned Wednesday that Wake County Superior Court Judge Mike Morgan rejected her effort to overturn a decision by the state Environmental Management Commission.

The eighth-grader had petitioned the commission, seeking a rule requiring North Carolina to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by at least 4 percent annually.

A commissioner who rejected the petition said it was incomplete. He also said North Carolina law prohibited environmental agencies from enacting state laws stricter than federal law.

Hallie and her attorneys are considering several options, including an appeal of Morgan’s ruling.

The case is one of several nationwide filed by minors pushing for action on climate change.

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  1. It’s so true that kids are passionate about environmental issues. They have been brainwashed all their school lives. I read them in the essays that I grade. They have never been taught to think for themselves, so I say that we use that to our advantage.

    Here are videos that we should post everywhere:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2biK1hdKHo .

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAAKKB0BI-8 .

    When kids see these, they should be so shocked that their beloved critters of the environment are being killed that they will demand the end to wind turbines.

    Especially the second video – their little psyches will be so traumatized that they will make the lives of their parents and teachers miserable.

  2. Poor brainwashed kids. The left keeps hammering their doomsday idiocies into young people’s minds. When I was a kid, overpopulation and an impending ice age were going to do us all in. It took me years to unlearn all that bullshit.

  3. People are all too willing to abdicate responsibility for raising/educating their children to complete strangers.

    A few weeks ago I stopped by the museum of the 45th Div. in OKC.

    While trying to figure out how to do a “selfie” using my vintage Zeiss camera and Hitler’s Fuhrer-bunker mirror, I observed a young couple with two young kids. The oldest, a girl of about 5 was literally begging her parents to tell her who Hitler was. Both parents repeatedly told her,”you’ll learn about him in school”.

    Apparently, the parents hadn’t “learned about him in school” so why would they think their children would?

  4. Ahem “her attorneys”? Since when do 13 year olds have an attorney let alone more than one? Who is actually paying for this?

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