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Obama Gets the Hook in Paris

If Obama’s climate change speech was an Academy Award acceptance speech the orchestra would have been playing at full volume to get him to shut up.

The French just kept hitting a button that sounded like a department store signal while the oblivious Barry droned on and on.

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  1. The media and pundits have the audacity to call Trump a clown. People VOLUNTARILY go to hear Trump speak – by the tens of thousands.

    Can the manipulation by the elite be any more clear?

  2. that was enjoyable, and i think symbolic for how the world sees his next 14 mos in office, god help us

    we should bring back the gong for the next sotu

    i hope his daughters join the jv team caliphate as the next social justice experiment

  3. Fitting they stole the Comedy Central logo.

    Ya know what’s more of a threat to the very existence of people other than climate change? The elimination of hydrocarbons.

    Pretend for a minute Michelle sliced Barry’s arm with a knife fighting over the last piece of chicken. Is he going to casually stroll a mile into the hospital under his own power or is he going to demand an ambulance come pick him up?

    Hurry up and answer Barry, your very existence of life is at stake and stop bleeding on the carpet, sheesh.

  4. Fur, if you do this (please do!), replace his voice with the Charlie Brown adult voice doing the Wa wa wawa wa. I can’t stand to hear him talk.

    Whenever there is a video of him, I read the transcript instead of listen. Poor Zoe kitty runs and hides under the bed when I am forced to hear Oblahblah.

  5. French … stupid French frogs … dang peasants just don’t know when they’re in the presence of … well … someone sent by Heaven.

    My voice can still the waters, calm the tides, abate a hurricane, make the lion lie down with the lamb …


  6. Barry, a malignant narcissist could care less if he’s being ignored. All that matters is he hears the sound of his own voice. The only sound sweeter to him than the Mooslim call to prayer.

  7. Another confirmation that he doesn’t know when to shut up, quit blaming America for the ills of the world, and shows that he has no manners. He’s an embarrassment, I want him to stop embarrassing me.

  8. Well, when you provoke and mock the Almighty, he allows D-bags like this to ruin your day. America, you’ve sinned a great sin in the Eyes of God and well….there you have it.

  9. ABC is replaying the Charie Brown Christmas special along with a special 50th anniversary tribute show with celeberty input.
    They actually have a preview clip of BHO saying the “Wa wa wa wa …” and the worst lady saying “Good grief.”

    Funny, every time the commie in chief comes on the air I hit the mute and say, “Blah blah blah …” Or change channels.

  10. even the teleprompter hates this asshole

    it made preezy downlow wait, several times, until it loaded the next line of BS, for the dummy to spew

  11. On a roll in a foreign land, badmouthing America as the cause of all evil in the world and how he ca save the wold from all that evil that happened before he made the scene.

  12. Did anyone else catch the end where Obama said, “Let’s send that signal” .. whereupon the rest of the world immediately sends HIM a signal to STFU .. which he ignores.


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