PickeringPost: A German proverb says: “The wise man voluntarily does in good times that which the stupid man involuntarily has to do in bad times”, and Angela Merkel has avoided doing anything in good times that might puncture her popularity.

merkel beer

Euro powerhouses France and Germany, along with Italy and Greece have a history of flirting with communism. Of course it’s a dangerous ideology to embrace in a modern world but somehow liberals never tire of experimenting with it. And the Eurozone was ripe for experimentation.

In a recently published book titled “The First Life of Angela M” the author suggests, “She has had deeper ties to the communist regime than previously known or acknowledged.”

“She has admitted  being a member of the Communist Youth Organisation, and a photo has surfaced showing her in a communist uniform. But the book argues that she hid her real role in the youth group, instead depicting herself as someone engaged in “Cultural Affairs”… the truth is that her role in the Organisation was “Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda”, a role Julia Gillard appointed herself to in the infamous Socialist Forum when she undertook, via her own manifesto, to infiltrate the Labor Party in order to move it closer to communist ideals.

But one of Merkel’s defenders said that she (Merkel), “Couldn’t remember” whether she was involved in “Agitation and Propaganda” or not. Hmmm.  more here



  1. this is a fascinating social experiment to watch unfold, doomed to failure

    her poll numbers are not falling fast enough to save germany, too many in denial for too long

    they will find themselves in a perfect storm of unemployable, violent extremists who will breed like rabbits

    america, pay close attention and heed the warnings, or we are doomed as well

  2. The socialists see izlam as a kindred spirit. It isn’t. Granted, it is a totalitarian system, but it is fundamentally different in that socialism’s charade of allowing the peasants to believe that it is they who are effecting the monstrous imbecilities with which they kill one another, the imams have no compunction about letting the peasants know exactly from whom the idiocy flows. They blame mohammad or ollie, but the peasants know that it is the imams who wield power and use “religion” as a tool.

    They “submit,” they do not, necessarily, believe.

    Socialists try to maintain a facade of belief amongst the masses.

    And about a year ago, Merkel was saying that immigration was a failure because the ragheads were not assimilating.

    Who got to her?

  3. There’s a bar over ther I know called
    (Wine Speaks The Truth)

    It sells only BEER.

    Merkel is out by the end of the year OR
    the CDU is dead nationally come Springtime
    (the next round to State elections)…
    …and, by then, probably too late to undo the damage.

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